Auto insurance researchers recognized as auto theft lowered in michigan


15According to the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority or ATPA, there is a drop of 16 percent on the rate of auto theft in the state from 2008 to 2009. Dan Vartanian, the executive director of ATPA, said that their success in the fight against car theft was a collaboration of dedicated ATPA funded employees, people in the law enforcement authority, prosecuting offices, and state community groups. He said that without their undying passion to help reduce auto theft and help fellow citizens in the state, the decrease in the rate of cars being stolen in the state would not be possible. Emphasized is also the decrease of 59 percent in the number of automobiles stolen in the state of Michigan since ATPA was formed in 1986.

In addition to the parties mentioned, Vartanian also recognized auto insurance researchers who were able to help in giving information on what type of cars were more likely to be stolen as well as independent groups who are concerned with the Michigan state community. Auto insurance companies in Michigan keep a record of claims filed by policyholders that were about auto theft. They have data on locations where theft is more likely, what time of the day, and again, types of cars. This information they were able to share to help in the efforts of Auto Theft Prevention Authority to fight against more car stealing.

Reports also show that not only in Michigan was there a decrease in the rate of auto theft. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report, the national rate of auto theft went down 17.1 percent. Approximately 794,616 cars were stolen and that gives a ratio of 258.8 for every 100,000 Americans. The FBI recorded $5.2 billion in losses related to auto theft. They also said that for every car stolen, the average cost is $6,505.

Because of this staggering amount, auto insurance researchers have investigated on vehicles that are attractive to car stealers. These vehicles tend to have higher premiums because of theft coverage. To protect consumers, the national government encourages them to investigate what cars are more likely to be stolen so they can avoid them. This information is available in Michigan State Police department for Michigan citizens and National Insurance Crime Bureau for national rankings. This information also helps to identify if their cars are at high ranking and what are the measures they can take to protect their automobiles from theft.