Use smartphones smartly can help avoid car accidents


02The use of smartphones are said to be the reason behind the growing number of people who are using their mobile phones while driving.

According to a survey conducted online by the Swinton Car Insurance more than half of the people who use Smartphones tend to check on their mobiles, read instant messages or check the internet while driving. There are two primary reasons why people cannot resist on using their Smartphones despite knowing that the said act was banned by law. First the survey revealed that 72 percent of these law breakers use their phones to check work-related emails. These people seemed to be too much succumbed to their works leaving them obsessive in checking their Smartphones whilst driving.

Other than workaholics another reason why people cannot take their mobile phones off their hands even when driving is the dominance of social networking. From the moment social networking surfaced people just cannot get enough of updating their sites. The survey conducted revealed that these social networks are common Smartphone distraction for 33 percent of Smartphone users are visiting their sites such as Facebook and Twitter while driving.

Smartphone is a GSM mobile phone and at the same time a handheld computer thus making it possible for people to use the internet anytime and anywhere which does not exempt driving. The internet access, scheduling and contact management software and e-mail capabilities make Smartphones fit for personal information management. Indeed Smartphones are useful device that can serve several functions however the very same reason makes Smartphones a major source of distraction for drivers. There is just so many things that people can do with Smartphones thus the time stuck at the traffic lights is an opportunity to browse this high-tech mobile phone.

Driving while using the phone was banned years ago nonetheless recent figures show that fatal accidents caused by a driver using his/her mobile has gone up to 80 percent. This is an alarming percentage that has to be acted upon. People must go back in disciplining their selves. Driving and using the phone simultaneously posts threat not only to the driver but also to other parties and even pedestrians. Once caught drivers maybe faced with paying hefty fines moreover earn a negative driving record which will then make auto insurance rates higher. Moreover if an accident occurred more financial and legal troubles are waiting for the driver who caused the accident simply because of using mobile phones while behind the wheels.