Auto Insurance Law puts stress on importance of higher levels of Coverage


14The new Legislation that has been introduced to the Pennsylvania State Legislature has asked auto insurance consumers to pay attention to the requirement of insurance coverage that is more than the required level demanded by the state. 

 In the beginning of this September the law was introduced and it asked to double the states minimum requirement of liability coverage. 

It pointed out that a policy may be at par with the requirement demanded by the state but that does not ensure that the policy could take carte of all the expenses that might arise in an event of an accident. 

Online Auto has asked consumers to understand their minimum coverage provided by the state and look into the matter of getting enhanced protection at times of accidents. 

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) statement made in its consumer guide to auto insurance, the state has set a very low insurance coverage levels and it can be raised by the policyholder spending very less amount of money.

Consumers can very well take the help of the website that gives free suggestions to visitors on car insurance comparison to figure out the amount needed to spend to get increased liability levels.

A consumer by the virtue of this knowledge can get detailed information of their numerous coverage scenarios. They can get to know about their levels of coverage at different points, the different amounts to get deducted and can well look at the benefits and expenditures. 

A consumer should be conversant about the knowledge required to interpret the information given by the websites while giving the comparative scenarios.

At present Pennsylvania has set its minimum liability limits at 15/30/5 which means that a policy depending on the terms set by a claim can cover expenses of up to fifteen thousand dollars for one person injured in one accident, thirty thousand dollars for two ore more persons injured in an accident and can cover expense up to five thousand dollars for damage of property in one accident.

The proposed bill, if passed, would increase the minimum levels of coverage for the state of Pennsylvania to Thirty/ Sixty/ Ten.

This amount might sound like a lot of coverage but it is pretty low as compared to other states that have set more requirements for minimum coverage level. The state of Wisconsin has increased its minimum coverage level from Twenty five/ Fifty/ Five to Fifty/ Hundred/ Fifteen.