UK drivers driving in the US can save


16The United States is a great country to visit. They have great food, great views, great people and, if visitors choose it, they could add great deals to the list. This is particularly referring to UK drivers who hire cars in the US whenever they come and visit. In terms of insurance, the US is a great country to visit but can be very costly.

Whenever UK or any other nationalities visit the US and they want to drive themselves around, they will be required to purchase an auto insurance policy that covers their driving experience in the country. This is due to the fact that many, if not most, states require that all cars in the roads require that they be covered by insurance for their time in the roads. This additional cost could dampen any happy visit to the US, especially those who are unprepared and unaware.

Records show that in 2009 alone, UK drivers have spent more than GBP 280 million on insurance alone. This might sound like an exaggeration to many individuals this but the fact remains that it is not. Over 1.3 million UK drivers visit the US and choose to rent cars and buy insurance their stay usually worth more than GBP 10 per day. These UK drivers usually stay in the country for 16 days.

They usually purchase their insurance policy as a separate policy from the ones that they are using in the UK. Fortunately, there are now insurance companies that offer coverage for their drive in the US at cheaper rates than those offered before. They claim that they also provide better and a more comprehensive insurance coverage for cars for hire.

UK nationals hiring cars also usually purchase their insurance policies together with their rented cars. However, there is a much better deal online as claimed by that will greatly decrease the cost of car insurance when they visit the US. The money they will save can be used to increase the quality of their time in the US!

For example, in one car insurance site, the daily rate is only about GBP 5 or at least half of our assumption of GBP 10. The company also ensures the customers that they will be protected from other events that they may face in the road such as road rage, travel expenses, Carjacking, Hotel Expenses and even drop off charges.

They suggest that buying car insurance before they actually go into the US will save them the for more than one of their troubles. Many UK drivers come to the US only to be surprised at how high they must pay for their car insurance. They say that this should not be the case because there are now better offers available for them in the internet where, once they have purchased, allows them to concentrate on choosing the car and planning for their trip.

Tourists should not be burdened when they do not need to be. The additional costs that surprise them when they come into the country is an unnecessary addition to the trip.