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Insurance has definitely become much more expensive these days, especially due to the economic recession we're all experiencing. Fortunately, it is still possible to get cheap Memphis auto insurance. With these handy tips, your search for affordable Memphis car insurance will be made much easier.

Get Cheap Memphis Auto Insurance in Michigan Now

Twelve out of fifty states in America are currently following the no-fault car insurance laws. Among twelve though, only the State of Michigan where the city of Memphis is located has always been closest to having a pure no-fault policy. Auto insurance laws in this state are so strict that it is the only one which guarantees unlimited and lifetime benefits to injured motorists. If not for the House Bill that gives a right to a Michigan resident to sue the at-fault party in certain conditions, Michigan is a true no-fault state.

With this in mind, Memphis residents will have to contend with high insurance rates. Records also show that this state is second highest when it comes to charging high premium rates, after New Jersey. Statistics show that demographically and geographically, the state of Michigan has a peculiar character. Half of the population is said to be densely located in and around the main city of Detroit. The fact that Michigan is second to Pennsylvania to have a high number of accidents caused by deer collisions is another thing insurance companies consider. Truly, population and other things determine how highly risky the road is for motorists.

Generally, rates of an insurance premium depend on risk factors an applicant poses. Since Memphis is pretty much a small city with just about 457 households, risks are most likely lower than other cities. Age is a basic factor that insurers check. In the city of Memphis as statistics show, only about 8% are in the 18-24 year-old bracket while seniors make up just about 16%. Normally these are age groups that get high rates since they are deemed to be reckless (for youngsters) and limited (for elders). That cut in the pie is just really small compared to regular aged drivers.

If you are a resident of Memphis, all you need is to abide with State laws by having a minimum of 20/40/10 liability coverage, personal injury protection or PIP for medical costs and wage losses, and Property damage protection. Additional coverage policies which are not required, but highly recommended include comprehensive (with option to cover deer-related crashes), collision and mini-tort coverage. Third party liability coverage only means the insurance company will cover the minimum $20,000 up to $40,000 of costs of injury or death per accident and $10,000 to cover the damage imposed on someone else's property. PIP will take care of your medical bills after your health insurance covers you to the limit. Property damage is listed at up to $1,000,000 to repair your car or your property.

Remember that everyone is entitled to different quotes. By taking your time in studying all the offers, you can never go wrong in finally finding the insurance partner that fits you most.

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