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Animals indeed play a role in determining Birmingham auto insurance rates. To ensure that you do get an affordable Birmingham car insurance policy, it is worthy to note down a few stats and figures. This way, you can use these to your advantage and land an affordable package of your own.

How a Deer Can Affect Birmingham Auto Insurance Rates in Michigan

There was a study in late 2006 that deer-related car accidents increased by almost six percent from the previous year. Statistics show that about 1.5 million crashes with this animal happen each year and numbers increase as time goes by. These crashes cost approximately $1.1 billion in property damage and cause 150 deaths annually. For the past fifteen years, deer-related cases increased 100%. This is a surprising fact when not everyone pays attention to crashes with animals on the road. Collisions during the month of November typically triple which is why this month is considered the most dangerous one in a year. This is attributed to the fall breeding season.

If you are a resident of Birmingham, Michigan, you will find that the pieces of information cited play an important role in your automobile insurance rates. In a recent study, Michigan State was named second to the worst recorded cases of deer-related accidents. Pennsylvania came in first while Illinois took third spot.

No one likes to be involved in an accident like this. The best you could do is to avoid these collisions. One option is to attach deer whistles on the front bumper. Most insurance industry insiders consider this a wise purchase. Be careful when driving through deer-crossing zones. Remember that you may never be ready when a group of deer suddenly bolts ahead. Be alert when one deer crosses your path because most likely another one is next. Statistics show that collisions usually happen around dusk and dawn so be extra careful when driving at these times of day. Use high-beam lights and do not suddenly swerve.

When you are done protecting yourself from deer on the roads of Birmingham, consider protecting yourself financially. Aside from the basic 20/40/10 Liability coverage (minimum $20,000 and up to $40,000 bodily injury/death coverage per accident and $10,000 for property damage), Personal Injury Protection for your medical bills and income losses, and Property Protection up to $1,000,000 required by the state of Michigan, get a comprehensive coverage that will reimburse the cost of damage.

Deer collision is usually not covered by your comprehensive insurance which is a part of the car insurance package that your state requires. Therefore, be ready to pay extra for this coverage and make sure your policy states so. Average insurance claim in areas like Birmingham was $2,800 in 2006 for deer collisions. Consider setting your comprehensive deductible. This will cause a higher monthly premium, but in case you get into an accident with the animal, you are assured to be covered up to your limits. An out-of-pocket deductible payment of $1,000 can bruise your budget so paying a higher premium on a monthly basis is more practical and pocket-friendly.

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