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Motorists should be well informed about auto insurance quotes, laws that prevail in their state or their city, and all the relevant information with regard to auto insurance. This will prove to be very beneficial in the long run as it would benefit the drivers, as they will be better equipped to get affordable rates on their auto insurance.

Knowing More about Hartford Auto Insurance in Michigan

Auto insurance premiums in Hartford are a bit expensive when compared to those of other cities in other states. In a study conducted early 2009, it showed that average car insurance premium paid by motorists in Hartford amounts to $2,290 while average in the United States is only $1,794. Premium rates, however, provides extensive coverage protection. Before car owners can drive in the public roads of Hartford, they must first meet policy requirements as follows:

  • Bodily Injury Liability, minimum should be $20,000 with a limit of $40,000
  • Property Damage Liability, minimum should be $10,000 Limit
  • Property Protection Insurance, minimum should be $1,000,000
  • Personal Injury Protection, with provisions for medical expense coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection, with provisions for loss of employment

One thing car owners need to know about auto or car insurance in Hartford is that they follow the No-fault system. This means, as a policy holder who is involved in an accident, regardless if you are proven to be at fault or not, an insurance company is held liable for any damages as stated in your claim. Finding out who caused the accident has nothing to do as to who will cover for the damages. In this case, some of the rights to sue have been lost.

Since benefits are paid regardless of who is at fault, there is a minimum coverage that has to be purchased as per state laws as it is mandatory. This helps in keeping the premiums low as there is less paperwork that is required. There are a number of states that have the no-fault laws.

What it covers

This is also called PIP or personal injury protection but the no-fault coverage is has its limitations. Normally, this coverage takes care of the medical costs as well as loss in wages up to a certain limit as set in the policy. Other related expenses with regard to pain and suffering that are over and above the limits set in the policy are not covered.

If the medical costs as well as loss in wages following the accident are over and above the limits of the policy then you might have to collect it after suing the person who is at fault. There are separate rules that vary from one state to another. Hence, you should be aware of the no-fault laws that prevail in your state. There are certain rules about when you could sue the driver at fault for the damages that are covered by the no-fault insurance cover.

Some of the states have laws where you can sue the opposite party in case of serious injuries after the insurance coverage is exhausted. This generally includes catastrophic injuries that qualify such as severe injuries both external and internal and those that require a long period of hospitalization. But other states have laws that state that you may sue the person if the medical bills go over a specified limit.

The no-fault laws had been adopted by most states in order to help the injured get access to immediate medical care without having to wait to prove who was at fault. This was also done to prevent ambulance-chasing attorneys from crowding courtrooms with cases that had smaller claims. Another reason that states adopted this law was to ensure that those individuals with no health insurance are also able to get immediate medical care without having to wait to complete lengthy formalities.

Amounts that car owners pay for premiums have gone up in recent years, not only in Hartford, but for Michigan as a whole. As mentioned before, the study conducted in 2009 about car premium rates, shows that Hartford indeed pays higher rates compared to other cities and even higher than the entire average for the US. Because of high premium rates, car owners today are doing anything they can in the name of low cost car insurance.

What are the best practices to get the best rates? First is to collect many options and inquire with a number of insurance companies. Getting free quotes from different agents allow you to compare the rates yourselves. The rates versus how much coverage you need should be thought of carefully. Deciding on the first rate being offered should be avoided. Instead, ask for other offers from other companies and compare.

Second, having a good record is important. Not tipping off the charts and falling into the safe and low risk category is always good. Being cautious on the road and abiding by road rules has its rewards. Insurance companies offer low premium rates for motorists with good driving records.

Another way to save up on Hartford car insurance is to have a low risk vehicle. Low risk cars are those with a low theft rate and are equipped with safety devices. Add on safety gadgets such as seat belts, air bags, auto lock system, and clutch breaks can be added to vehicles.

Avoiding claims is another way to save on auto insurance premiums. Try and avoid smaller claims as this will result increased premiums. Even if you have made just one claim, you will end up paying up for it for another 3 years at least. If there are minor repairs that can be carried out, it is best to do it on your own instead of filing a claim. This is one way to avoid an increase in premium rates.

Lesser mileage means lesser premiums. So, the golden rule is to drive less. If you can prove that you annual mileage does not cross more than 10,000 miles a year, you can easily avail discounts for low-mileage. The logic behind this is, if you drive less you are less exposed to the inherent risks on the roads and highways.

Try to club your insurance policies. If you have more than just the auto insurance, you can try clubbing your policy by taking out the health, home, as well as auto insurance from the same insurer.

Getting good grades in college is yet another way to avail discounts on your auto insurance premiums. Although the auto insurance rates are really high for teenagers, getting good grades in college does help in getting better discounts. Also try and avoid the temptation of purchasing a sports vehicle, as the premium costs will skyrocket.

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