Plymouth Auto Insurance in Michigan

Parents should indeed see to it that they get additional Plymouth auto insurance coverage for their teenagers. Plymouth car insurance rates for teenagers can be quite costly. Here are some tips that parents should consider to garner as much savings as well.

Should Parents Get Additional Plymouth Auto Insurance Coverage for Their Teenagers in Michigan?

It is perfectly normal for parents to feel apprehensive when their kids reach the driving age. Studies show that first time drivers are more prone to accidents compared to seasoned ones. In fact, a good number of people who figure in road accidents around Plymouth, Michigan are teenagers. Although most of these road accidents are considered as minor and do not result to serious physical injuries and property damages, these incidents are enough to prompt most parents to reevaluate the Plymouth car insurance coverage of their kids as well as implement stricter driving rules for their teenagers.

There are a number of things that parents should look into when evaluating the Plymouth car insurance coverage of their teenagers. First, parents should take a closer look at the driving records of their kids. If their kids have had brushes with the law or had accidents in the last six months, parents should consider increasing the car insurance coverage of their kids. Apparently, the driving skills of these kids are not that good and they could be involved in more accidents in the near future.

Since teenagers are more prone to accidents, parents should see to it that they get enough insurance coverage to pay for cost of damages that their kids may cause while on the wheel. Remember that minimum coverage for property damages in Michigan is only $10,000.00 while minimum coverage for bodily injuries per person per accident is only $20,000.00, and maximum coverage for bodily injuries for all injuries in one accident is only $40,000.00. As it is, the minimum coverage specified by law may not be enough to cover cost of damages caused by these teenagers in the near future. Responsible parents should therefore get higher car insurance coverage for their teenagers. Remember that road accidents can lead to costly lawsuits and if parents do not see to it that their kids have enough coverage; they will need to foot the bills related to the incident.

Aside from getting higher Plymouth car insurance coverage for their kids, parents should consider getting a couple of optional coverage for them as well. Collision coverage and personal injury protection coverage are very important for teenagers and every parent should think of adding these features to their kids' car insurance policy. The personal injury protection coverage will foot hospital bills in case a teenage driver needs medical attention. On the other hand, collision coverage will foot the bills for car repairs and other services in case of accidents. It will also cover cost of the car in case the vehicle gets totaled on the road. The interesting part here is that since Michigan auto insurance laws adhere to a no-fault policy, insurers cannot refuse to pay for insurance claims even if the parties making the claims are to be blamed for the accident.

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