Ann Arbor Auto Insurance in Michigan

Now knowing the basics of Ann Arbor auto insurance coverage would just result to a waste of time and money. The irony of it all is that knowing the basic requirements of Ann Arbor car insurance would be more than enough to get more protection at a lower price.

Understanding the Basics of Ann Arbor Auto Insurance Coverage in Michigan

Having your own car in Ann Arbor, Michigan is more than just being responsible on the road. Even before you drive within the state, you must have been able to purchase an auto insurance coverage duly recognized in the state of Michigan. After all, this is a requirement for you to be able to register the car in your local DMV. It is also for your protection as well as for other people on the road - in another car or just a simple bystander - and properties.

Ann Arbor is covered by Michigan State's No-fault system for all vehicle insurance requirements. Here are the basic requirements so you will have an idea:

  • Bodily Injury/Death Liability - $20,000/$40,000 Limit
  • Property Damage Liability - $10,000 Limit
  • Property Protection Insurance - $1,000,000
  • Personal Injury Protection - Medical Expenses
  • Personal Injury Protection - Lost Income

With the above list, it can be surmised that the minimum requirement in this state is known as 20/40/10. You may choose to get higher limits if you can afford it and if it will give you a more secured feeling in case an accident happens. It will protect you in the future from getting bankrupt and the financial impact will not be too hard on you. You may also subscribe to comprehensive and collision coverage. The former will protect you from damages caused by anything beyond your control while the latter will cover expenses of repairs on your car, regardless of what or who caused the damage.

If you fail to meet these basics, your license to drive could be suspended, you will not be able to renew your registration or replace the plates, or your registration will be cancelled altogether. That will cause you precious time and money since you will have to prove you are covered enough and you have to pay at least $50 penalty fee.

Financial experts say that it is important that you ask around for quotes, and study the offers before you decide to partner with one insurance company licensed to sell in Michigan. There is a big chance that the best offer is just out there. Studies have shown that companies offer discounts on premium in some cases. For instance, they consider the community you live in. In 2007, it was recorded that in the city of Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, there were 159 car thefts. Compared to other cities like Detroit (19,617 cases) and Great Rapids (589 cases), your community is relatively safer to have a car around and it is less likely that an insurance company will have to pay you for damaged or stolen car. Therefore, you may request for consideration and ask for a lower premium.

Local auto insurance quotes in your area can help you compare car insurance quotes for auto insurance coverage in all of the following ZIP codes in Ann Arbor

48113, 48109, 48108, 48107, 48106, 48105, 48104, 48103.

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