Universal Casualty Company is now in big trouble


IS-00064427-001An order has been issued against the universal casualty company by the Illinois insurance department because of its failure to maintain and perform procedures for accurate settlement and investigation of the claims of consumers.

UCC, an insurance company for automobiles doing business in Indiana, Missouri and Illinois and located in the elk grove village was ordered by the department in the year 2009 on august eleventh to a fine of $200,000 and was made to correct the processes of the claims right then. Sanctions have been imposed by both Indiana and Missouri because of the unfair practices of the UCC.

The company was ordered to innovate and retain its improvement in the investigation of the claims and the forwarding procedures by the Illinois department in January 2008.

As the claims based on liabilities and damages of properties hadn’t been resolved properly by UCC, complaints were received by the department from consumers.

Additional measures were taking on behalf of the consumers of Illinois by the department to further a new investigation of the UCC in the year 2009.

A fine of $200,000 is imposed on UCC according to the order that resumed on the 11th of august.

100,000 dollars of the total fine is charged on the unsatisfactory results shown by the department in the recent study taken. The order also states that hundreds of consumer complaints should be revisited and should be resolved by UCC immediately.

UCC defends itself and tell the department that efforts are being made to correct the failures and that a new management is to be engaged.

The department says that further disciplinary measures would be taken if the required reforms are failed to be undertaken.

A fine of $200,000 was imposed on UCC by the department of insurance in Indiana in june, and the company was ordered to stop writing new businesses in the state.

UCC ranked first in the complaint index of IDOL in 2008 even though it wrote less than a percent of business in that state, noted the Indiana department. There were over 200 complaints based on the unwillingness of UCC to pay for the claims on time by the holders of the policy.

UCC was not allowed to write businesses in Missouri as well. In the June 11th order posted by the Missouri insurance department indicated that there were so many complaints, about 13 times more than the complaints received for any other company its size.