The new east region headquarters in Maryland has new jobs coming its way thanks to the State auto insurance


UNLIRF-00067291-001In the eastern region head quarters located at hunt valley, support, sales and professional underwriting staff is being hired by the auto insurance group of the state. This head quarter, when completely staffed, the hunt valley team will touch about 51 employees almost 9 times more than it had just 3 years back.

This new hunt valley headquarters is placed in the newly renovated offices that cover 21000 square feet at the 10 north park drive. The regional pay roll of the company when it is staffed completely is predicted to go beyond 5 million dollars. Hunt valley is listed as one of the 5 regional headquarters. The Ohio based insurance group called Columbus established itself throughout the nation in the year 2009.

The auto regional president of the state, Charlie stated that the ideal home for the state’s auto eastern region is Hunt Valley. He says that the local government and the very high work force quality is to be thanked as Baltimore county will now play a very significant role in the continuing growth of the state’s auto. The main factor concerning their decision was there were many easy transportation ways to get to the neighboring states and also to the locations where their offices were located. Most of their associates live in this county and letting them know how great a place it is.

Good jobs is being brought by the state auto insurance to the Baltimore county said the executive of this county. He says that is great news for them and since they are trying to climb towards a good economy, this becomes wonderful news.

The primary work of the state auto insurance group is to get involved in writing business and personal products of insurance through different and exclusive independent agencies located in 33 states.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Maryland are included in the eastern region of State auto insurance. This group is ranked superior by the A.M best company.

The centre for insurance and finance operations is Baltimore county which includes headquarters that are corporate for the life companies of Baltimore and other important operations for the bank of America, Euler Hermes, global payments, Toyota financial services, t Rowe price, bill me later, Zurich, care first etc.