Progressive Corporation’s Shareholders Meeting Decisions take effect


PIP1-00045481-001The Progressive Corporation, one of the nation’s biggest insurance companies has become one of the biggest names in this field because of the excellent work they have offered consumers in the past. The Progressive Corporation established 1937 was the first company to offer comparison of insurance rates online. This company now has its presence in the various sectors of the insurance industry.

The Progressive Corporation held its annual meeting for shareholders. The company representatives believe they had a productive day at the meeting. The shareholders in the meeting made many decisions including the election of Stuart B. Burgdoerfer as the director for a period of a year. Glenn M. Renwick, Peter B. Lewis, Lawton W. Fitt and Patrick H. Nettles were also elected by shareholders for a three year period as directors.

After much though and examination the shareholders accepted the terms of the Progressive Corporation 2010 Equity Incentive Plan and set their goals for the coming financial year.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP was made the first registered public accounting firm. Progressive’s independent endeavor for 2010.

Established in1937, The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, considered one on the country’s biggest auto insurance names. They have been offering customers satisfactory insurance policies and have built up a good reputation among consumers.

The company offers consumers innovative ideas on how to solve their financial as well as safety concerns when insurance is discussed. The company is knows for the satisfaction consumers receive to the best offers to service anytime of the day. Progressive Corporation has set up their offices in many big cities in the US of A.

Consumers can easily decide, select and purchase their insurance in the way they choose to. Progressive offers consumers insurance policies for boat, auto, motorcycle and personal, through many agencies. The company can also be contacted by telephone for more information.

The prices of insurance policies at Progressive or from insurance agencies who offer their policies are not the same as insurance agencies charge more to serve their needs.

Progressive Corporation in Australia offering various insurance policies can be contacted at

Consumers can expect a faster more reasonable and very highly rated insurance policy at Progressive. Progressive makes the effort to appeal to consumers who are very busy with work or those consumers who are financially concerned by taking measures to give them the convenience they need to apply for insurance.