Car Insurance Companies warn Car Owners From “Chop Shop” Thieves


FANCY-00000945-001Keeping in line with their company mission of protecting vehicle owners, the auto insurance company Allstate conceptualized a campign dubbed as “Stripped in Seconds” which shows people how car thieves would likely steal your vehicles and disparage you after.

Many people are aware that car thieves are on the loose, waiting for unsuspecing victims in the most unlikely places. Petty thieves can just steal your side mirror or windshield or anything that can easily be detached from your car’s body. Umfortuantely, there are more well-trained thieves today then there are careful drivers out there. All it takes is a couple of seconds for the carnappers to break into your car and drive it away. And once they have been able to drive the vehicle into a safe place without anyone knowing, they will chop the vehicle into piece in order to sell it in the black market piece by piece.

This is the new way of selling carnapped cars. Because certain types of vehicles are very durable, these do not often land in junk shops or in second hand shops. This scenario then makes it hard for drivers to replace several vehicle parts with new ones. The harder it is to find a particular spare part in the salvage yard, the more expensive it will be when it is sold in the black market. And since buying a new car for new parts is counter productive, the owners of vehicles will likely patronize the black market sale of carnapped car parts because of its practicability. This incentivizes the car thieves to break into more cars for more money from the underground market.

Aside from securing an auto insurance, Allstate also advises people to park their ehicles in high-foot and well-lighted places. When leaving the car, the owners must be able to secure the doors and be sure that they did not leave their keys inside. Another thing is that the car owners must not leave valuable items inside the car so as not to allure car thieves to get inside. And lastly, since vehicle identification numbers are unique to each driver, it would even be better if the owner will simply ethc the VIN of the car into its parts such as the windows or the sidemirrors in order to ward off possible thieves who are eyeing to shop and sell your car right after they copped it.

The auto insurance company launched its 7-week, cross-country campaign in order to educate vehicle owners about car theft prevention. This campaign will tour the cities of Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami and more.