New auto insurance discounts in Pennsylvania offered by unitrin direct


06Unitrin Direct, a direct to consumer group has come up with a new auto insurance program for customers in Pennsylvania. Drivers with a very good track record will receive the benefits of this insurance program. New types of coverage packages ensure that there is improved protection for the customers. This particular business model of Unitrin is quite unique in the sense that there is a great reduction in the overhead costs. As a result there are savings in the costs which are shared with the customers while keeping service at the same high levels. Customers in Pennsylvania are offered a lot of new opportunities as part of this new program launched by Unitrin Direct.

A lot of discounts are offered to customers. Firstly there is preferred payer discount, where there are additional savings for customers who pay more up front. The greatest saving on the policy would be for those who pay the complete amount in the beginning. Customers also benefit from Retro Loyalty Discount wherein loyal customers are rewarded based on the longevity of the relationship. There is safe and Sound Discount where drivers with continuous insurance without accidents or traffic violations in the last 3 years, will receive additional rebates. 5% discount is also offered as part of the A Tree discount for drivers who enrol for Easy-Pay, the automatic payment service.

Customers also get discounts for taking more than one policy at the same time or for having policies on multiple cars. There are rebates for airbags and anti-theft devices installed in the car. Customers also benefit with rebates for distant students, mature drivers and married couples. There are more impressive coverage options which keep affordability in consideration along with the concerns that the policy holders usually have,

Another interesting package is the Protect Your Wallet package that comes with accident forgiveness. Some customers get a discount of 100 dollars on the deductible after a collision along with another 100 dollars for each year that passes by without the customer being involved in an accident. There are some more coverage options like the renewal assurance guarantee and the price lock. All in all the packages offered are to help customers with their monthly payments. The packages ensure that there are maximum savings and some customers can actually benefit by being safe drivers themselves. There is enough protection offered by the packages to give customer peace of mind.