New law to make uninsured driver more compliant


08In order to make some of the drivers more compliant towards the state laws, a new law has been passed with regards to the minimum requirements relating to auto insurance coverage. This law gives traffic officials the power to tow the vehicles of those drivers who do not have any insurance coverage or have been found to violate the traffic laws. The law also aims to get hold of those people who have been banned in the past but still have been driving.

States like Oklahoma would be benefited from the strict implementation of this law. Oklahoma is one of the states with the highest percentage of uninsured motorists. In fact, the state also has a high percentage of people, driving in spite of their licenses being confiscated for various traffic violations. These kinds of laws are very important in states like Oklahoma where accidents caused by drivers without any insurance at all or without sufficient insurance, can spell a lot of trouble for others. It will also make people more compliant towards the state laws especially with respect to the auto insurance coverage.

However, there has to be a good verification system in place too. That is because towing away vehicles of those motorists who indeed have an auto insurance policy could be disastrous. Therefore the law has to be implemented effectively without scope for error. With these laws in place, people can be protected from expenses due to damage of property or medical expenses resulting out of collision with uninsured or underinsured drivers. By law, in most states, every driver must have liability coverage, which will take care of the damage expenses of the other person in an accident, if the former is responsible for the accident. There are a lot of drivers in Oklahoma who don’t have sufficient coverage and people with insurance policies in place are suffering as a result of that.

A lot of people believe that this law to seize the vehicles of those who don’t have auto insurance coverage can bring about a positive change and ensure that every motorist has sufficient coverage as mandated by law. Drivers need auto insurance coverage to drive and this law ensures that the rule is followed. If every driver has the minimum insurance, people wouldn’t face financial burden due to accidents taking place on the road every now and then. This is the aim of the new law.