Michigan Unlimited Care Will be Limited


Michigan Unlimited Care Will be LimitedThere is an ongoing disagreement in Michigan concerning the no-fault insurance system. The state House Insurance Committee is listening to all the opinions of people concerning the issue of changing the maximum coverage of the no-fault insurance system. Under the proposed legislation, the unlimited lifetime medical care will be made an option to policy holders. Michigan has been providing the unlimited medical service for the last 33 years. But the new proposal is saying that the unlimited care will no longer be an option but instead they are offering a maximum coverage of $5 million dollars.

According to some people who are opposing the bill, the present set up can allow an insured driver who purchases unlimited medical benefits to save up to $137 each year by selecting the $50,000 maximum coverage. The supporters of the bill say that the no-fault system is becoming unsustainable in the present economy. Michigan can no longer sustain to afford the present system. Victims of car accidents do not want to agree. They say that if not because of the unlimited medical care they should have not received the treatment and the medical attention that they need. They are worried that other people who had traumatic car accidents may not be able to receive the medical attention and care they had before. There is also no guarantee in the future that a much lower premium will be imposed.

Some victims of car accidents need extensive rehabilitative medical attention for the rest of their lives. If changes will be made, the future of these car accident victims will be put in vain. Many car accident victims attended the hearing even most of them are in wheel chairs and some cannot even talk. It is important for them to show their opposition to the proposed legislation. Others are still trying to recover from the car accidents they incur.

Michigan has the best auto insurance policy in the country. George Sinas, who is currently the CPAN General Counsel, told lawmakers that the rest of the country should imitate Michigan no-fault insurance system instead of changing it.  He said that the people of Michigan should be proud of the no-fault insurance system because it can help and care for car and road accidents victims for a much longer term.

Victims of serious car accidents on the road who cannot receive the proper medical attention they need if coverage will be limited will suffer not only the anguish and pain of the injuries inflicted upon them but also of hefty medical bills.