Recent Study of U.S. Worst Drivers


Recent Study of U.S. Worst DriversIt is mandatory for all American citizens to get auto insurance policy when they are driving their own cars. And because of this, auto insurance companies are checking the driver’s driving records to know if they are responsible drivers and they have no traffic records or violations.

Drivers with traffic violations are asked by insurance companies to pay high monthly premium. This is because they belong to the group of high risk drivers. The more delinquent you are as a driver, the higher your monthly premium is.

There was a recent study of the worst drivers in the U.S. The data was taken from three sources. It was gathered from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, the American Motorists Association and MADD. The information was translated into rankings. The states who received the highest tickets will have the highest ranking. The tickets from the three sources were added. The state with the highest score will be top ranked.

And here is the top ranking among the worst drivers; the tenth top ranking is South Carolina.  They got a score of 45 for obeying traffic signs, and a score of 48 for fatality rankings. Alabama comes on the ninth place. They got a score of 41 in disobeying traffic laws and 46 tickets. And a score of 42 for fatalities. Be sure to drive carefully when you are in Alabama. Montana comes 8th in the ranking. Montana has the highest ranking in tickets but the lowest in fatalities. They have the lowest ranking in drunk driving. Kentucky comes in the 7th rank. They ranked 42 and 48 in driving carelessly and drink driving. Kentucky is ranked as the 7th worst state in the U.S. when it comes to fatalities. Arizona is ranked the 6th. It has 29 tickets in careless driving. Oklahoma ranks 5th among the worst drivers. It received 25 tickets but it has one of the best ranking in drunk driving. Texas is number four in ranking. This means that car insurance in this state is higher. Florida which is ranked the 3rd has the most number of fatalities. The auto insurance in this state is the most expensive because of the high number of fatalities. Missouri drivers have the most number of tickets and it ranks 2nd. It has the most number of careless drivers and most number of fatalities. Drivers coming to Missouri should take care because it is one of the dangerous places to drive in. Louisiana ranks the first when talking about the worst drivers. Here the auto insurance premium is one of the highest. The top ten states which have the worst number of drivers in the U.S. is ranked from the bottom to top ranking. The amount of rate or premium in auto car insurance depends upon how dangerous their drivers are.

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