How well did auto insurance measure up this year


How well did auto insurance measure up this yearIn April, with the enactment of vetoed coverage-related bills in Mississippi and Montana, the average prices of the policies increased marginally and Arizona banned crash taxes.  This step was taken in response to a latest published report, stating that in 2009, One in Seven American drove uninsured.

The most recent Consumer Price Index report indicates that the cost of insuring an automobile climbed only one-tenth of a percent between February and March. However, the cost of the auto insurance policies in March 2011 was four percent greater than March, last year.

A new study conducted nationwide in relation to uninsured-motorist rates, indicates that approximately 13.8% drivers in the United States did not have a valid insurance policy in 2009. Mississippi reported highest number of uninsured motorists with approximately 1 in 4 drivers on the road without a policy. Meanwhile, Massachusetts had the lowest proportion of uninsured drivers with 25 percent lacking auto insurance.

A legislative thrust to control high-uninsured rate in Mississippi hit a roadblock when Governor Haley Barbour declared he was banning legislation to create a database for policy-verification in the state. Though he did mention insufficient analysis of the database, he would be in agreement with a revised version of the bill that addresses his concerns.

In Montana, another auto insurance proposal did not get the approval. The legislators approved the “no pay, no play” insurance bill by a whisker. The bill limits the recovery rights of drunk drivers and uninsured.

A bill to lower minimum liability threshold of auto insurance policies issued in the state was signed into law in Wisconsin.

The governor in Arizona signed into a law that bans emergency response fees “crash taxes” state- wide. Over 10 other states in the country have also pledged the legislative action to prevent the local government from charging motorists for responding to car accidents in which they are involved.

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