Build more FEVs, US government tells car makers


Build more FEVs, US government tells car makersThe U.S. Department of Transportation together with The Environmental Protection Agency asserted that by the year 2025 all vehicles which are manufactured in the United States will have a combined fuel efficiency of around 55 miles per gallon. This rule has been asserted by the President of the United States.

Compared to other car manufacturing countries in the world; United States has the worst measured fuel economy performance. This has been declared by the International Council on Clean Transportation in the mid of the year. Coming to the figures reported by this council it has been said that the fuel economy performance of United States is around 29 miles per gallon. In comparison to this, Europe has a fuel economy of around forty five and Japan has a fuel economy of around 44 miles per gallon.

As the international prices of petrol and gases have increased; there has been an increase in the demand for fuel efficient vehicles in the United States. The standard which has been proposed by the central authority gives a defined value of miles per gallon; which is not only valued to one vehicle but the value on an average.

Dr. Larry Caretto, a professor in the California State University in the mechanical department notes about the compromises that needs to be made by the automobile manufacturers in building up pure FEVs or Fuel Efficient vehicles. He said that there is always a tradeoff. There is fuel economy and then there is cost. He added that the users get more economy in terms of fuel consumption as the technologies which are used are of high class and most modern. Thus normally the price of the vehicle becomes higher. He said that if the price of the gasoline available remains the same then the investment will be worthy.

Reports say that consumers can save a huge amount of around five thousand US dollars value of fuel during the total life of the vehicle. This figure has been controversial according to many reports collected from individual people of the country.

More and more car manufacturers are turning towards building forced-induced engines which use a supercharger instead of the powerful V-8 engines. The forced-induced engines are more efficient in terms of fuel economy but it cost a lot to build it. There are many other technologies that can be used in hybrid technology for example to make things better.