Google’s lab of dreams- GoogleX


Google's lab of dreams- GoogleXAccording to the latest auto news, Google has been in the limelight with their dream of driverless cars. This is just one example of the hundreds of dreams by Google. These ideas are chased by Google in their Google Lab known as GoogleX.

Various interviews made clear that everybody has just a glimpse of the idea or the location of the lab. They are unable to justify the project details and neither the exact location of the secret laboratory by Google. People who briefed about the project to Auto news said that one of the projects will be in release by the end of the year, but nobody specified any details regarding the product.

Most of the Silicon Valley companies are innovate and develop new software, but when it comes to Google they are involved in intensive research and development on not only software but also in advanced electronics and complex algorithms.

Jill Hazelbaker, a Google spokeswoman, declined to comment on the Google Lab, but said that although the possibilities and the opportunities are very high but the capital involved in the lab is much lower than the capital involved in case of the core business.

Google is trying to turn on one of its ideas into business. The idea is of driverless cars. The company was not able to make the car makers in Detroit believe on its concept and thus Google have thought of setting up car manufacturing plants in the United States.

Engineers at Google have thought of making robots which could help to assist people in many ways like collecting information, guiding road maps etc. These robots will also help to do the regular mundane work in the office and at home so that people get more time to think about innovative ideas and other advanced technology and at the same time take appropriate rest.

Shareholders and analysts have already commented on the secret Google lab. They have already shared a concern over the activities being done by the company and they fear that Google may be diverted from where it originated.

In his interview with Auto News analysts in July, Larry Page- CEO & Co-Founder of Google, gave his consolation, specifying, “There are a few small, speculative projects happening at any one time, but we are very careful stewards of shareholders’ money. We are not betting the farm on these.”