Arizona Drivers Provided With Low Cost Auto Insurance Premiums


FSTOP-00015941-001While most states including a few provinces in Canada and several American states face a hike in the auto insurance costs, Arizona slides away from this price hike. A Wisconsin based company called the American family is ranked 5th as an auto insurer in the U.S and is also ranked the third largest in underwriting policies of casualty and property. This insurer lowered the premium rates for drivers this march. A story posted recently on weekly news of insurance shows that the owners of automobiles in the state of grand canyon would see a rates descending by at least 7.2%. But these low cost premium rates don’t benefit all drivers especially those who still drive old vehicles with just a minimum coverage of liability that is required as per the laws of Arizona.

Those who are maximum benefited are the drivers in Arizona who own new cars or vehicles and who also carry full coverage policies. The usual factors play a role in the amount of money that can be saved, like the number of miles that are driven, the model of the vehicle and its make, and the part of the state where the driver is located.

But the drivers who have only minimum liability coverage may face a rise in the premium rates. The sad part is that most of these drivers who face high premium rates are those that lie in the low or moderate income groups.

What is the cause of change in rates?

This company’s has a website that provided less information based on the low premium rates that was provided to the policy holders that in Arizona carried coverage policies that covered the maximum.

Some news was posted recently by the company that now offers big discounts to drivers who are above the age of 40, or who are very experienced on the auto policies. Arizona’s population is filled with a large number of senior citizens and retired people as during summer, they move down to the south.

Insurers earlier felt that older drivers were a great risk to take, but with the new medical treatments and an improvement in technologies, it led to better health for the old who lived right up to 80 years. But most insurers still think age doesn’t matter as much as experience.

Those drivers who drive new cars carry policies that offer full coverage which is preferred when compared to those that carry minimum liability coverage charges. When it comes to accidents, the new car drivers make lesser claims than the others.