Volvo V60 R-Design to Revive the Latent Station Wagon Market


New V60 R-Design is the sports version of the Volvo Station Wagon, which set the market afire recently. There is an overwhelming demand for this revived version of the good old vehicles, especially among the Gen Y or the Millennial. This is a drastic shift in attitude from the previous generations, which all but abandoned this sturdy versatile vehicle in favor of minivans or more recently the sophisticated SUVs.

However, it is important to remember that the all-new V60 R-Design is not simply old wine in a new bottle but a complete changeover from the old station wagons, the baby boomers loved to hate. This fantastic vehicle comes with a hot design and its make does away with the wood panels of yore. While this is not the first endeavor of its kind in a long haul but surely the best till now, if the enthusiastic response of the buyers is any indication.

Europeans visiting the New York auto show where the Volvo Station Wagon was unveiled definitely went crazy after the first glimpse. This surely is heartening news for the automobile industry and industry planners are already sniffing a long-term comeback for the neglected Station Wagon after numerous false starts in the recent years.

In the post WW II scenario the baby boomers practically lived out of a Station Wagon and it became the iconic car for the US suburban areas. However, by the 80s the minivans started to replace this erstwhile favorite with other vehicles coming on the scene with the passage of time. Sports utility vehicles designed in truck style enjoyed the favor of the buyers for a short term and later gave way to car-based crossovers that combined sophistication with a rugged look and good mileage which every vehicle owner desires, especially in on-road conditions.

Industry insiders feel that most of the vehicle, which buyers prefer today, is nothing but Station Wagons, ‘on steroids’. This indicates that the time is just right for the original to make its appearance in a format that appeal to the masses. V60 R-Design may just have hit the right spot with its 325 HP engine delivering 0-60 times .60 seconds. In order for the Station Wagon to make a revival, it needs to input the latest technologies, which the Gen Y craves.

When it comes to Station Wagons, Volvo undisputedly has a heritage and therefore is in the best position to break the mould and make revival possible with its all-new V60 R-Design.