VW Golf Named the World Vehicle of the Year at Auto Show in New York


There was a tough competition this year at the auto show with other manufactures being world renowned Mercedes Benz, Toyota, and Scion. The 66-member jury was all praise for these other entrants too but when it came to bestowing the honors, VW Golf naturally took the well-deserved prize. For the Volkswagen Group this surely is a hard fought victory, which they deservingly are extremely happy to win.

New VW Golf is getting rave reviews from users, media, and everybody else related to the automobile industry. This unique vehicle comes with revised styling, an improved efficiency related to fuel, and added features, which makes it a pleasure both to look at and drive around. This latest VW Golf is bigger than the earlier 6th generation model albeit 220 pounds lighter. This became possible because of a conscious effort by the manufacturers towards keeping an overall reduced weight in spite of its comparatively larger size.

Everybody knows that when it comes to bestselling Volkswagen models, the Golf has remained a perennial favorite with the buyers through and through and the situation does not change with the entry of its latest 7th generation VW Golf. Today this model is rocking approximately 200 markets around the globe. Alas, the American buyers need to wait another year before they can start buying it in their own country. This delay is not by design however but forced while Volkswagen shifts its VW Golf manufacturing unit from Germany to Mexico.

By all counts, from the next year onwards American buyers can have a choice of one of three different VW Golf versions. These include TDI, which is diesel powered; GTI, the sportier version; and TSI, which is the basic version. No pricings are out just yet; therefore, the buyers still have a long wait before they can hope to buy this latest craze from a showroom near them.