The First 9-Speed Automatic Car Transmission Will Make its Debut on Range Rover Evoque 2014 to be Launched Later This Year


A leading auto transmission manufacturer from Germany, ZF, introduced the first-of-its-kind 6-speed automatic, which is constantly undergoing the process of an upgrade. As a result, a 9-speed auto transmission gearbox is introduced, which claims to be more fuel efficient and calmer than the conventional automatic transmissions on the market. Simulatenously, it also promises to boost auto acceleration dramatically.

Earlier to introducing 9-speed automatic, ZF has already launched 8-speed transmission that was widely accepted and used in the auto market, right from BMW 7-Series to a Dodge Charger. Auto manufacturers, who are heavily affected by stringent fuel-economy norms, have transformed their auto transmissions into a tough competition. However, ZF, who introduced the first 7-speed manual for Porsche is taking a lead in the competition.

The 9-speed automatic car transmission is slim and compact designed to offer a perfect fit into any front or all-wheel-drive cars, where the engine is placed lengthwise across the axle, alleges ZF. At the same time, it can efficiently save fuel consumption without causing “performance-sapping traits” of a more variable, continuous auto transmission. On the other hand, rear-wheel-drive cars that have their engine placed on the opposite side of the axle cannot use the 9-speed transmission technology. Furthermore, all-wheel-drive auto versions of rear-wheel-drive cars are also likely to be excluded from the use of 9-speed transmissions due to inadequate space necessary for its installation.

As compared to 6-speed automatic transmission, which is more popular than the one used on the present Range Rover models, the latest ZF 9-speed transmission is capable of reducing the engine revs by up to 700 RPM at 74.5 mph or 120 KPH. Simultaneously, it can hit a 62 MPH speed in two seconds faster with regard to its much closely placed gear steps and a lower ratio attributed for the first few gears. At an average highway speed, the car engine will be dramatically reduced to a whine, but can rapidly skip the phases of multiple gears.