Sales Boost of Pickup Truck from GM, Ford in February


There is a surge in demand for top U.S. vehicles with Silverado Pickup gaining 29% and pickups from Ford F-series 15%. This is surely a happy time for Ford since it is their best sales figures since way back in 2007. According to Ford figures, buyers are showing a distinct preference for pickups presently as is evident from the boost in sales to 12% from 10.7% in the previous year.

The return of customer interest in vehicle purchase is something to rejoice for the automobile industry and is indicative of the resurgence of the economy after the recent recession. Industry insiders are busy with their calculation and predict that there is going to be a single digit increase in sales. According to Ford, it is their best February in last 6 years and for GM and Chrysler this sales boost is a much-needed one after a long draught of 5 years. There is good news too for the luxury vehicle segment with Cadillac sales increase to a substantial 20%, which are approximately 13,845 vehicles.

GM confirmed the good goings of Cadillac by stating that these retail sales figures based on year-to-date are the highest figures in the last 6 years and therefore big heartening news for the whole industry. However, for Lincoln there is a sales decline present of around 29%. In the recent times, the housing sector in the U.S. is working in tandem with the automobile industry for bringing around the economy of the country and showing an increasingly positive trend. New constructions in the real estate scenario are reinforcing underlying improvements in the conditions that are leading to a boost in auto sales, especially pickups.

Utility sales on the Ford front rose to 21%, which is 6% up in car sales and 4% in truck sales. Sales of Ford Fusion are up by 28% to 27,875 vehicles. All four GM brands show a boost in buyer demand with Cadillac showing 20% gains as the leading automobile from the GM stables in the recent times. Chevrolet rose to 5%, Buick 15%, and GMC 10%. In order to make the most of the current positive buying trends, U.S. auto industry is all set to launch new key products in the coming times.