Increase in Auto Insurance Related To Rise in Medical Bills


22It is well known that government run national health care systems are wasteful and corrupt.  Over the last 30 years the profit driven industries have become increasingly corrupt.  The private medical systems are draining the casualty insurance industry and thereby causing a hike in the insurance rates for policy holders.

In certain democracies like Scandinavian countries and Canada doctors are paid employees and are paid about $100,000 per annum.  The state funds their education.  Here, the doctors don’t have to deal with private insurers, nor do they have to worry about being in good books with the shareholders.  They have nothing to do with the billing systems either.

The greedy private insurers are like leeches. They want to make more profits while making a fractional payout to their customers.  The Congress was pressurized into passing a law which requires that the customers pay money to these private insurers.

Even though the citizens are required to pay high taxes in order to maintain this particular system, the overall treatment that they get is much better than that of their American counterparts and end up pay much lesser.  American health care systems are run by corporate interests.  Car insurance costs and medical costs in these countries have no bearing on one another.

Fraudulent Medical Mills

Due to the corrupt American profit-making health care industry, there has been a sudden increase in erroneous billing practices and this has been termed as ‘Medical Mills.’  This seems to pose big problems in New York where fraudulent claims seem to have risen by around 42 percent in the last year alone.  ‘Medical mills’ actually give very minimal treatment and most of the time render treatment which is most unnecessary and the bill is sent to the one who has paid the patient’s auto insurance cover.

The New York Alliance against Insurance Fraud (NYAAIF) has come up with a website where New Yorkers can bring such fraudulent practices to the notice of the authorities.  Law enforcement agencies are being more vigilant and stepping up to counter these problems.  But ultimately it would be a wiser option for Americans to opt for a single-payer healthcare system such as Medicare which can be wholly funded by increasing taxes on commodities such as gas or beer.

While auto insurance is one thing and health care is another.  While auto insurance may or may not be required depending on whether the motorist actually possesses a vehicle or drives one.  But healthcare on the other hand, is a basic necessity and a basic human right.  To turn healthcare into a profit-making venture is both shameful and embarrassing.