Auto insurance premiums due to increase again due to failure of texting law


23HLDI, Highway Loss Data Institute claims that the new implemented texting law or texting ban last September 28, 2010 does not reduce car accidents. However, the support has been intended through scientific data’s of insurance representing and defending citizen’s safety and economic stability.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety together with HLDI dedicates its mission to reduce property damage, injuries and deaths. These duos strongly agree and recommend insurers to strengthen auto insurance policies. The results further depend on the ownership and operation on the types of vehicles and existing insurance loss by brand and model.

There are about ninety seven (97) auto insurance companies either private or mutual insurers who support these works conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute such as, GEICO Group, State Farm, Infinity and Property Casualty, Progressive Corporation, MMG Insurance, Louisiana Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies, Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance, etc.

Part of every auto insurance decree is to abide by coverage contain as follows; property damage coverage, bodily injury coverage, liability coverage, medical payment coverage, personal injury protection, uninsured motorist coverage, and collision coverage. Auto insurance cost depend on the cost of car, driver’s record or profile, type of coverage, car’s features, usage of car, and there are several payment schemes offered for motorists to choose from.  

Although, the high cost could be a major issue so it is best to scout for alternative insurer to best suit the budget. The main reason is due to a massive demand of treating expense on casualties and injuries. According to Transportation secretary Ray Lahood, based on an analysis loss there are over 150 vehicles covered by six (6) insurance Coverages. In 2009, there are 5,500 people died due to driving accidents and more than 500,000 injuries reported towards the end of the year.

For protection and to avoid fatalities, it is a must to get insured. There are minimum requirements vary on different states. The best deal would be called the liability protection or better known as the “umbrella” liability policy that will help cover safety injury expenses which more often than not carry extra costs. Take note that each state has laws on these levels of protection but might not provide a full protection while on an accident. The Auto insurance companies per state has information should be found on their websites good enough for cost comparison on coverage’s and premiums.