Getting Your Auto Insurance Claim


Statistics say that over $150 billion worth of auto insurance claims are filed per year. Despite these figures, Americans actually find filing an auto insurance claim a tiring and somewhat intimidating process.

Getting Your Auto Insurance ClaimHowever, vehicular accidents are very real so no excuses can be made for not knowing how to file an auto insurance claim. In fact, it would be the responsibility of a driver. In the long run, this will save him a lot of money, time, and effort—the whole point of having auto insurance.

The first step in filing an insurance claim is assessment. In this case, a driver will assess if any claims are necessary. If a driver is in the capacity to handle the financial calling of an accident, no filing is needed.

People involved in this accident should decide whether to get a first party or third party claim.

Witnesses may be required when getting a claim. In this case, a policyholder should ask witnesses of the accident for any contact information for times when testimonials are required.

Next, a driver should immediately contact his or her insurance company about the incident. Most companies have a 24-hour line for this reason. After a driver has contacted an insurance company, he or she must give necessary information asked by an insurance agent. This includes the names of people involved in the accident including drivers and informants. You should also supply the time and place where the accident took pace. The police should also be around so an accident report can be made quickly.

The driver should file a claim as soon as possible. It is urgent that a driver register claims for auto insurance while information is still fresh. Take note of requirements and vital details like police report and medical handling log. These things must be submitted to the insurance provider. It is advisable to send these things through certified mail. Be ready because an investigation on the settlement claim may be made underway.

A driver should also keep copies of different documents and keep them somewhere accessible and safe.

The moment the insurance company of the driver validates the claim, an auto insurance adjuster who is assigned to assess damages and expenses will be sent to ascertain the extent of coverage. On other occasions, an insurance company might ask the driver to take his vehicle to a specific shop.

A driver should make sure that the people involved in this accident are satisfied with rendered services and compensation before he dismisses the insurance company.  If there are legal implications, proper lawsuits should be filed.