Insurance Claims Process Explained to Motorists


Experts from the auto insurance industry are now reminding car owners and policyholders of the proper procedures in the event of an accident. Recent statistics from studies sponsored by insurance providers have shown that a large majority of American car owners lack the sufficient knowledge regarding their car insurance. The surprising figures have prompted many insurance experts to call on motorists to refresh their memories of what to do when claiming for insurance.

After assessing for any potential injuries, drivers should immediately contact their insurance providers or agents to inform them of the situation. Analysts say that many car owners often panic and fail to disclose the full details of the accident to insurance companies, severely limiting the chances of getting substantial payouts.

Motorists must first secure a copy of the accident report from the local law enforcement agency investigating the incident. This can clear drivers from any wrongdoings and make them eligible to file for insurance claims without affecting their records with the providers. If there are any injuries, policyholders should do well to request a copy of the medical report from the hospital. This would help facilitate any claims for medical reimbursements or continuous hospitalization and treatment costs. Hospital bills and medical prescriptions can also help insurance companies keep track of expenses that can be reimbursed.

Before everything else, experts caution, policyholders must get all the important information necessary to help insurance investigators. The car owners can take photos of the damage, as well as the positions of the vehicles involved. One of the primary concerns motorists must attend to is to get the insurance details of the other parties involved. With more and more uninsured drivers on the road, knowing the insurance status of the other parties involved in the accident is crucial, experts say. Also, motorists should also request official estimations from car repair shops so the insurers can know how damaged the vehicles are. Analysts, however, say that most providers often have preferred repair shops that policyholders can head to.

Insurance Claims Process Explained to MotoristsMost policyholders often accept the insurance payments offered by their providers. However, if car owners believe that the amount offered is considerably lower than what they expect, they can also enter into negotiations with representatives of the insurance company. In these cases, experts suggest hiring the services of an experienced insurance attorney. These lawyers are often well-versed with insurance laws and policies and can provide leverage to policyholders who opt to sue their insurance providers.