General Motors Chairman to Visit Capitol Hill, Plans to put Behind the Controversial Political Battle over Auto Bail out


In convincing the law makers for attending the reception, General Motors chairman will bring along its 2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray to make its first appearance in the city, as mentioned in the invitation sent to the Congress members. Last Friday, General Motors confirmed Akerson’s visit via congressional aides last week. Akerson will be accompanied by Selim Bingol, recognized as the top lobbyist of General Motors in October. The CEO won’t be pushing bigger policy agendas during his visit to Capitol Hill, but will merely look forward to meet the Congress members. The company is dedicated in putting behind the controversial political campaign during this visit to Capitol Hill.

General Motors has been manufacturing cars for consumers in China since long, where Chrysler manufactured Jeep in the country. The company has cut down on its jobs ever since 2008, but wouldn’t have been a matter if America’s president Obama had not agreed to a significant $50 billion auto industry bailout. Job cuts in the United States have nothing to do with Chin, but it actually has a relation with dwindling General Motors are trying to restore its profitability.

During the closing days of presidential campaign 2012, Romney’s campaign politics publicized a radio ad in Ohio, which attacked General Motors for manufacturing cars in China, and cutting down jobs in the United States.

With regard to the advertisement, last October, GM stated that no extent of dramatic campaign politics will be able to hamper the company’s record to create job opportunities in the United States, and bring back the profits to the country. In February, a House Republican has significantly criticized the fact of “excessive compensation” at a hearing for GM Ally Financial Inc. Akerson plans to tout the Congress members about the fact that it has created thousands of job opportunities in the United States, thus putting behind all the campaign politics that are dwindling the strength of this giant auto manufacturer.