Cold Response of Car Buyers during Winter Months


The winter months of January, February and March have proven to be a curse to automobile dealers as the numbers of cars sold have declined dramatically in 2013 & 2014. Many car dealers now offer various discount schemes to attract the customers into buying cars. They along with other important industry executives and analysts are now blaming Mother Nature for being so cold and discouraging buyers from investing in some good cars. However, many still prefer to cross their fingers and expect to have great record making turn over at the end of the financial year.

Repetitive following of same trends is also discouraging prospective buyers along with the seasonal influences on them. The month of March is going to be very crucial as the sales in this month will have the ultimate effect on the overall sales report of this year. The numbers of total car and truck purchase is relatively low in comparison to what statistics showed the last year and at the top of it a steep decline of 3% in sales since the month of January worsened the already tensed market scenario for automobiles.

If the slowdown trend in sales volume still continues in the months of March and April then all hope for economic recovery for the automobile industry will go in vain. All the well recognized branded cars and trucks have recorded decline in sales. The month of February started slowly from business point of view but started improving a bit from its second week. If this progress continues with a slight greater momentum then the year will not be a total loss in terms of sales of automobiles. Unless it happens so the expectations of many associated with the automobile industry in USA has to be downgraded.

Some notable branded cars like those of Chrysler, Nissan and Subaru, however, witnessed better sales during this crisis through their sales of unique SUVs and also by discounting substantially their key models. Otherwise, perhaps, they too had to be on slippery grounds for inadequate sales.

Slow, unsatisfactory sales volume also triggered dealer inventories causing unwanted pressures on automobile companies to get rid of their lot. This has caused further strains on automakers, who now have to anyway clear their lots.They are now hell-bent on providing huge discounts and various other incentives that definitely is making a considerable amount of buyers very happy but expensive decisions for automakers. This can also prove to be toxic to the interests of the car dealers, as customers will get accustomed to the discounts, which does not give very good signal for their bisiness.