Auto insurance and driving laws for the state of Alabama


When it comes to driving and being on the right side of the law, there are a number of different rules to govern what is acceptable and what is not in each state. It is important as a conscientious citizen to be able to understand and know the laws in each state so as to make sure you are in the right. Along with laws about driving and regulations about each state there are also insurance details that each citizen should make a point to understand.  If you intend to take a trip to Alabama in your car, then here are the driving rules and traffic laws of the state that you need to be aware of and adhere to.

As with any state DUI is an offense that is taken very seriously in the state of Alabama as well. There may be an imprisonment imposed of a year if there are serious consequences or a fine of $600 to $2100 or both.  Following a DUI offense being committed, people may find that their license is revoked for a period of 90 days as well.

When a person has had a second time DUI arrest, things get more complex. There could be a mandatory jail time of 5 days along with one year license suspension. A minimum of 30 days community service may also be required when the offense is committed. When you are in the state of Alabama you will need to make sure you have the minimum coverage for auto insurance according to the laws of the state. Alabama State has a mandatory requirement of $25,000 in case of bodily injury or property damage. A policy worth $50,000 will be required in case of an accident occurring as well. There are also various laws regarding distractions while driving. There are regulations about using cell phones for calls and texting. Some laws have been approved allowing people to use their cell phones in a limited way during the day.

When any driver is suspected of committing an act of DUI then you have to stop and allow for testing. In case you refuse to submit to a test for DUI then you will need to face the necessary consequences. This may include suspension of the license and in addition when convicted of a case in court the individual will also have to complete a program referred by the court for dealing with substance abuse. At all times insurance is a first concern. If at all you have been drinking more than your usual share and happen to be caught in a situation where you ran over some property or hit a car while trying to park or turn insurance will be useful. 

There will of course be regulations about driving under influence and claiming insurance, it is important to make sure you are not in the wrong and end up with large liabilities.  When a driver registers the car, they should also have the insurance proof at hand when asked by an officer of law. When a person is found to be driving without insurance they may have fines of up to $500 and also have their license suspended. It is important at every point to make sure that you have adequate coverage according to the laws of the state you are driving in.