Rules to be followed on the US roads for a new comer


Driving in the continental US is not that easy & simple & knowing the road or traffic rules is pretty important for anyone who is not familiar with such rules. For a person coming from a different part of the world & adapting the road rules in the US can be tough. Also it can be a case with someone visiting the US & renting a car to move around the country. More importantly getting accustomed to the car is also a challenging issue if the person is from a part of the world where the controls are assembled in a different manner. As for instance if someone belongs to Europe there would problems adjusting some of the controls which are around the steering instead the dash.

However people coming from anywhere should get a good knowledge about the driving & road rules as the penalties to be incurred in case of failing to understand or meet any of them can be severe. The rules a newcomer should follow include several major & minor traffic laws also there can be some variations in the minor laws from one state to the other. Starting with the individual is supposed to stop for a school bus in both the directions, if the bus is flashing lights. At no point one should entertain drinking alcoholic beverages & driving. As the courts imply severe charges if someone is caught driving while drunk. Consumption of any kind of drug is also strictly encountered while driving. The lawsuits can charge the driver with severe penalties in such cases too.

Keeping any open bottles of alcohol in the car is also an offence. In such an instance if someone is caught by the state troopers or police patrolling officers they would be forced to carry on the breathalyzer test & if tested positive the penalties will be implied upon the individual. It should be kept in mind passing or taking over another vehicle should be done on the left hand side. At any check point or stop sign, the drivers leave in the exact order of their arrival at the intersection.

As a new comer one should keep in mind to lower the speed of the car in front of school campuses with warning lights flashing. In such places in every state throughout the continental US, the speed limit has to be within 25 miles per hour. Care should be taken while on highways, as there are posted sighs of speed limits every now & then. The speed limit ranges from 55 to 75 miles per hour. The driver should stop for the pedestrians while in a crosswalk which are imposed at 4 way intersections.

The driver should be careful not to block any intersection while the traffic is backing up, especially in the urban areas. One should be cautious handling the erratic drivers, if someone is hanging around the tail one should let him pass. At no point a road rage situation is to be provoked or mislead unknowingly. Always one should carry the driver’s license as well as the auto insurance proof along while driving.