Less Violation, More Insurance Savings


It is every driver’s responsibility to drive and use the road in safety. It is not only essential to practice the safest ways to drive including the use of seatbelts, avoiding drunk driving or ensuring the best condition of the vehicle, but to become aware of each and every traffic laws to avoid any violation that would be recorded and put you in a bad light.

Before you pass the driving license, you are first trained about the major and minor traffic rules that should be followed at any circumstance. These rules are not designed just for everyone else to know. It is meant for every road user’s protection and should be followed accordingly to prevent any road danger. For instance, the basic law of wearing seatbelts is designed to protect any passenger from more serious injuries in a car accident.

It is every driver’s responsibility to follow traffic rules not just to avoid penalty but also as a way to keep safe on the road. Your car insurance provider also charges monthly premium based on your driving history. Driving history includes any involvement with road accidents and being penalized for traffic violations.

Before obeying driving or traffic laws, it is essential for you to know each one first for your awareness and protection. Driving schools often include that in their training, or driving education programs pay close attention to teaching that to their students. Each state is also mandated to educate drivers on traffic laws before issuing driving licenses.

Though most traffic violation also varies from one state to another, traffic violations may be categorized generally in two major ways. These include minor and major violations. Penalties vary depending on these types. Minor violations may vary from parking violations to speeding. These violations usually do not require court appearance. Reckless driving, leaving the accident scene and drunk driving are examples of major road violations. These can be punishable with being jailed aside from paying penalties.

A common traffic violation is over speeding and seatbelt violation. States vary on rules regarding this violation. New York was the one who initiated the mandatory use of seatbelts for front seat passengers in 1984 and was later followed by other cities and developed their own modifications on the violation. Most states restrain kids to be worn seatbelts.

The different levels of consequences that result from violations depend on the category and the frequency. Fines will first be required for specific moving disobedience. Violators can also be asked to go or retrain at traffic schools to be aware of the various traffic rules and eventually avoid them. States however, vary on their procedure. Serious violations may also result to suspension of driving privileges as a way for a driver to learn from his mistake and to change bad driving habits.

Insurance rates are affected by frequent road violations in top of frequent road accident involvement. That is why it is necessary for every driver to follow every traffic rule to prevent raising his insurance costs. By following traffic rules, he can be free from any road hassle and get the best road protection he will ever need.