Senior drivers – managing the premium rates


There are many factors that affect the premium rates of insurance policies. When buying the policy, every driver gets a customized quote depending upon the car, the driving record, the area of residence and the age group of the driver. Senior drivers have to pay a high insurance premium because the insurance companies consider them as risky drivers on roads. This factor is not in the control of the driver and the insurance companies strictly go by the statistics that they collect from past years and experience. Teenage drivers also have to pay out high premium rates since they also fall under the risky driver category.

Drivers above the age of fifty years are considered senior drivers by the insurance companies. Although they have more experience driving on the roads, there are several factors that work against them when it comes to insurance policies:

  • They are considered to have poor reflexes which make them vulnerable on the roads.
  • They are trained to drive well, but when it comes to avoiding mistakes of other drivers on roads, insurance companies consider them slow to react.
  • Senior drivers cannot handle the high traffic zones according to the insurance companies. They cannot handle the long traffic jams, and cannot drive well under stressful conditions.

There are several steps that the senior drivers can take to avoid this high premium rates, even though they are experienced drivers on the roads.

  • Taking defensive driving lessons is one of the easiest ways to reduce the premium rates. If the driver has passed the defensive driving test, then he or she can successfully manage to control the situation even if other drivers on the road are at fault.
  • Enrolling in group insurance policies can add up to the discount bundle. Also, enrolling with family members can mutually benefit senior drivers and their family members.
  • Driving the car as less as possible is one step that senior drivers can take in order to reduce the premium rates. Car pooling can be a good idea to reduce the amount of driving, and using the car only when required. If the mileage of the car is within the limit set by insurance companies, they give special discounts on premium rates every month.
  • Changing the car model to a safer one according to the insurance companies can guarantee a discount on the premium rates. Also if the car is equipped to avoid accidents, complete with all the safety fixtures, then the insurance premiums can effectively go down.

Senior drivers who drive their cars on a regular basis need optimum protection. Therefore, updating the policy every year to include more appropriate ones and remove unnecessary ones is important. Regular updates also let the senior drivers enjoy latest discounts and premium reductions which help them to enjoy insurance policies without paying extra premium rates. There are many insurance companies to choose from, so changing insurance companies to enroll onto a more preferred one, or to get more discounts is not wrong. Having the same insurance company as family and friends might qualify for more discounts and provide a great value for the package.