Traffic Rules and Auto Insurance Rates


Every driver or car insurance policy holder is probably aware that his driving behavior can affect the cost of his insurance. Traffic offenses have an important impact on premium rates that should be known to any policy holder. In the US, availing auto insurance is a mandatory requirement for drivers, which is why it has developed to be a big industry. Drivers who want to reduce expenses of his car insurance can determine all the factors that affect how he is charged of his premium rate and take action by taking control of the controllable ones which include his driving behavior. By knowing all the traffic rules, he can avoid being penalized and keep a good driving record.

Insurance requirements do vary from one state to another, but traffic rules typically come as general rules to abide on the road. While insurance requirements vary, the influence of traffic offenses may be present in most insurance companies’ basis on charging premium rates.

DUI or driving under influence is a serious traffic offense that can result to suspension of the driver’s license. This is recorded in his driving data and can even affect his application for auto insurance. Some companies have strong rules to deny drivers with past DUI violation. If his license is not suspended which is in the case of drivers with existing car insurance, then the insurance provider resort to increase the insurance rate to a very high amount that cannot be afforded anymore.

For minor offenses such as missing sign during low traffic situation, fines can be imposed according to the severity of the offense. This violation can be a major offense if it happens in a busy traffic that can result to heavy fines. The insurance provider takes this action as an implication that the policy holder is a high risk driver and therefore premium rate is increased.

Along with other traffic violations such as speeding, seatbelt violation and other offenses generally have an impact with a driver’s auto insurance rate. However, he can take actions to solve this frequent problem. He can take up lessons on defensive driving to ensure safety on the road. This type of driving allows any driver to make proper decisions whenever he faces confusing driving situations because of some faulty drivers, because no matter how careful a driver is, he can never control the behavior of his fellow drivers on the road. It is also important for a driver to follow speed limits enforced to never be issued with traffic tickets that might be a minor offense, but is still recorded and affects the insurance rate.

It is highly important for every driver to follow traffic rules and regulations not just to decrease his insurance rates but also to ensure safety. Accidents are real but it can be avoided. One cannot control other’s road behavior but he has to be responsible of his own to avoid being harmed or causing harm to others. If a driver gets zero traffic tickets for the entire year, then he can expect lower premium rates and lower road problems.