Auto insurance and driving regulations for Alaska


When in Rome do like the Romans do. It is important that when you are someone who travels across states that you know the driving rules and regulations applicable in that particular state. The rules of one state differ from the rules of the other. Hence it helps to know well in advance about the driving and traffic laws well before you drive into that state. Let us take a quick look at the driving and traffic laws at Alaska so you avoid getting into the wrong side of law in that particular state.

As in every other state there are specific rules about driving in Alaska and if you are planning to drive through on business or have a trip through Alaska state, make sure you are complying with the regulations on driving and insurance. Affordable insurance quotes for Alaska State will need you to do your research well as you would for any other state. If you look hard you may just find the ideal deal for your insurance. Also be sure you know all the driving regulations so that you do not end up being on the wrong side of the law.

According to regulations for insurance, any car or driver that goes through Alaska will have to have insurance for bodily injury for up to $50,000 for each person who is injured. Property damage liability will have to be within a limit of $25,000.  There is a tort system in Alaska by which the person who is found to be responsible or in the wrong in an accident has to bear all the costs in involved. You may need to have more than liability insurance if you are in a serious accident while in Alaska. Comprehensive coverage may be essential. If at all you find that your liability coverage is insufficient to handle the costs involved, you will need to pay by selling your personal assets to get the issues sorted out. When there is an umbrella policy it makes more sense as it helps to handle the issue better. It makes for the liability and damages to be handled more properly when there are extensive damages in an accident.

There are also very specific laws about cell phone usage and any other distractions in the car when driving. There is a serious prohibition on the installation of television, monitor, or any other device when driving a motor vehicle. It will be considered a crime if the monitor of such devices are within view of the driver while the vehicle is in motion. Navigation or global position maps however are allowed as exceptions as are visual aids to help the driver see things behind him or on the sides of the car while driving.

Having auto insurance is a huge part of making sure you do not end up with too many liabilities if you make a mistake in judgment and end up crashing into someone or something. Teen drivers are required to have a learners permit and be accompanied by someone over 21 years of age and also with a years experience in driving when on the roads. Any teen driver form out of state will have to have passed a test and obtain a learner’s permit issued by the state of Alaska to be able to drive there.