How driving laws differ from one state to another


Although driving laws are quite similar between different states, there are some minor differences that you would want to be familiar about in order to prevent any untoward happenings and getting into the wrong side of law. There are the laws that could potentially get you in trouble if you are not familiar about them. After all, it is strongly advised that you get acquainted with these laws before you head out to drive in these states. On a number of occasions, people have been pulled over and issued a ticket for unknowingly breaking the law. After all, if you are going to be driving around, it is only logical that you should be familiar with the rules of the road in that area so you don’t cause any harm to yourself and others on the road.

Speed differences

Not all states have the same speed limit for their expressways. Hence, it is dangerous and probably even expensive, to assume a higher speed and drive on these roads. It is the responsibility of the driver to observe signs and accordingly maintain the speed. Hence, you wouldn’t want to simply take risks and end up with an expensive speeding ticket. It is strongly advised that you watch out for speed limit signs and appropriately maintain the speed. Be warned that many of these roads also have a minimum speed limit posted, which you have to maintain at the very least.

HOV Lanes

HOV or high occupancy vehicle lanes are those lanes that are dedicated on the road and designed mainly to ensure that people with vehicles having 2 or more occupants can make use of the road. Again, you need to keep in mind that not all of these lanes will be 2+ lanes. Some HOV lanes tend to require a minimum of 3 occupants, which is indicated by a “3+” on the lane sign. Hence, if you are planning to make use of these lanes, it is advisable to observe the requirement of the lane and ensure that you have the minimum number of people in order to make use of the lane.

BAC levels

Most states have a maximum allowable blood alcohol content of 0.08. However, certain states tend to slightly lower or even slightly higher numbers. Hence, unless you want to get caught and be issued with a DUI ticket, you should take caution and ensure that you are sober enough to operate your vehicle. Hence, in this way, you would want to be absolutely sure that you don’t face a hefty fine or potentially even a jail sentence because of not being aware of the BAC levels.

In this manner, take caution and ensure that you don’t simply drive on the road with assumed laws. This is something important to keep in mind, so that you don’t pay fines for not knowing the rules. If in doubt, it is always advisable to find out the rules and then only decide what you ought to do. Instead of getting fined heavily, you might want to be careful and ensure that you don’t have to face such problems. Take care to know all the important things before you get behind the wheel. As always, be safe and don’t take risks while operating your vehicle.