Auto Insurance Guide Archive for November, 2010

  • What You Need To Know About New York Auto Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    What You Need To Know About New York Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance laws and requirements vary from state to state not to mention its complexity that normal people like you and me, find difficult to understand which includes the types of coverage to choose from, ranging from full liability insurance to personal injury protection.  There are also states that only require liability insurance as their minimum coverage while some made them entirely optional.

    If we are going to talk about who is the strictest state in the U.S. when it comes to auto insurance then that would be New York. If you want to drive around New York, then you must have the minimum required liability as mandated by the state law. Additionally, the New York Division of Motor Vehicle requires that each driver should carry a copy of his proof of insurance, at all times, while driving.

    Understanding the Click here to read more

  • What to Do When Your Insurance Claims Are Denied

    by Hayden Krueger

    Not only it is illegal, having no car insurance coverage could put you in a very awkward situation if you are caught in an accident with nobody to turn to.

    Auto insurance is a legal binding contract between you and your insurance company. If you are the victim, the law specifically mandates that you be indemnified. Assuming that you have lived up with this contract, and all the legal aspects ironed out – we see no point of your claim being denied.

    Your claim may be denied if the insurer finds out that you have violated and committed illegal activities that have resulted in the collision. For instance, it is illegal for most states to use your mobile phone while driving. Granting that this law has not fully acted in your region, it pays to know that more states are passing similar laws to prohibit the use of mobile phones … Click here to read more

  • Want To Find The Lowest Insurance Rates? Compare and Contrast

    by Hayden Krueger

    If we talk about insurance, Michigan is not holding the top spot for being the most expensive city to insure a car – that place belongs to Louisiana. However, the recent changes made on Michigan’s auto insurance laws have catapulted the auto insurance price by allowing the insurance companies to increase the price coverage for injuries and property damages. This has brought Michigan into the limelight and landed on the second spot as the most expensive city transforming the lives of the economically traumatized people to become even more difficult.

    The “no fault” insurance law may have contributed partly to Michigan’s problem. The same law exists in Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, Utah, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, New Jersey, Kentucky, Kansas, Hawaii and Colorado. The “no fault” law means that regardless of who instigated the accident, you or the other party, could still file a claim to your insurer up to … Click here to read more

  • Types of auto insurance policies in the state of California

    by Hayden Krueger

    There are a wide range of options to choose from with regard to auto insurance in the state of California. But before going for any one type of insurance policy, it is always better to be informed about the various types of policies available in order to make a decision as to which one would best suit your needs.

    The most common type of auto insurance policy in the state of California and the whole of the United States of America in general is the third party insurance policy or limited insurance coverage policies. Such policies are basically taken just to conform to the laws of the state. Or in other words, these policies will satiate the basic liability limits in the state. The basic liability limit for injuries or death sustained by an individual in an accident is $15000 and for all the people involved in the same accident, … Click here to read more

  • The Careless And The Cautious: The Battle For Low Cost Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    Undeniably, teen drivers are the careless brats, easy-going, bring along many noisy and rowdy friends and get easily distracted. On the other hand, the senior drivers are the careful and cautious type, which leads to the assumption that they deserve a low cost insurance – right? Many insurance companies could not answer “yes” or “no” – for a few good reasons.

    Insurance companies offering home or life insurance are basing their insurance computations on a more stable and predictable element. For instance, underwriters will likely to use the genetic history, health or lifestyle to determine the lifespan of the policyholder. Likewise, in the case of home insurance, insurers will consider the probability of wildfires, earthquakes or flooding in setting up the rates.

    As they say, you cannot compare orange from apples or home from auto insurance. Both are used to cover losses but works entirely different from the other. Auto … Click here to read more

  • Seven More Ways To Uncover For Cheap Auto Insurance in Indiana

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you are living in the State of Indiana or planning to live there, then it is important for you to understand how the auto insurance industry works in that place. Different states have different sets of rules and it pays to know them beforehand.

    The first thing you need to ask is whether you are getting the cheapest rates or putting a big dent on your wallet. If what you are experiencing is the latter one, then here are the seven guidelines you can use to find an affordable insurance right away.

    Train the teenagers. Auto insurance companies will love you if you purchase insurance for trained drivers. This could axe out a big chunk of discount from your current rates, not to mention if the teenagers have good grades as well. When the semester ends, make sure that you update your data especially if there are changes in … Click here to read more

  • Secrets You Need To Know To Buy Cheap Auto Insurance In Virginia

    by Hayden Krueger

    When we talk about auto insurance, we mean paying a hefty price each month for the things we hope will never happen in the first place – that is the security of our life and property as well.

    If you own a vehicle, having an auto insurance is one of the required things that you must have. With that, you now have the option to choose what type of insurance policies you want and to want extent you are willing to spend for them. Still, a lot of people do not fall anywhere near this situation and for the many, having best coverage with the lowest impact on their wallets is always appreciated. If you are one of them, then read on because this article was written for the drivers like you.

    Did you know that when you drive slowly, you could actually save money? That is right, and not … Click here to read more

  • Points to remember while applying for California Auto Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    Getting a California auto insurance quote is not an easy task. There are many points to remember while going about deciding which particular insurance policy to go for in California. We shall discuss a few salient points about auto insurance in California.


    California is a very large and prosperous state in the United States of America. Apart from the sheer size of the land area and the population, it must be taken into consideration that the population is also one of the richest in the United States. It was said that if California were a country, it would be the 7th richest in the world around a couple of years back. Due to such an affluent population, the number of cars is bound to be high. And the number keeps on increasing year after year without an indication of slowing down in pace. Even the value of the cars Click here to read more

  • Minimum auto insurance requirements in Southern California

    by Hayden Krueger

    Like every other state in the United States of America, the state of California also has a set of minimum requirements when it comes to auto insurance requirements. The following are a list of the basic liability requirements in the state and the region of southern California in particular:

    1. Bodily injury liability or BIL is the coverage per person for any injuries or death resulting from an accident. The minimum coverage required for bodily injury or death for an individual is $15000. But if you are labeled a safe driver with a high credit score, you can be eligible for a low cost auto insurance policy which will allow you to have a basic coverage of just $10000.

    2. Total Bodily Injury Liability (per accident coverage) is $30,000 in the state of California. Again, with low cost auto insurance coverage you can get it to as low as $20000 … Click here to read more

  • Looking For Cheap Auto Insurance In Michigan? Here’s How You Get Them

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you are living or planning to live in Michigan, then you will be required to have a car insurance. Right from the start of registering your vehicle, you are obliged to get a liability and/or personal injury coverage.  Indeed, you are not permitted to drive anywhere in Michigan without an auto insurance and if you do so, will buy you some troubles and fines and unnecessary headaches should you encounter accidents along the way. 

    For many years now, drivers are frowned from the ever-increasing rates of auto insurance in this area. The need to find alternative yet cheap auto insurance becomes the outmost concern for many car owners. The question remains as to how you are going to do that.

    Before delving into anything, we need to understand what you need and why are you buying that. If we talk about liability, it means that the amount the insurance … Click here to read more

  • Living In Texas? Understand Your Minimum Insurance Coverage Requirements

    by Hayden Krueger

    Many people love the State of Texas and spent most of their lives there.  Like any state in the U.S., all drivers are also required to get an insurance coverage – at least, the minimum liability coverage.  Of all the types of insurances around, liability auto insurance is considered the most important one.  This particular type of insurance shoulders all the expenses, from medical to property damages, of the fault party.

    The State Law of Texas mandates that all drivers must have a sort of protection when accidents do occur.  If you living in Texas or perhaps in another state, it is imperative that you understand the basic of auto insurance in this place and how it will affect your driving life in the future.

    Texas auto insurance law requires $20,000 coverage for bodily injury per person, and $40,000 for others incapacitated during the accident.  Bodily injuries refer to the … Click here to read more

  • Legal Auto insurance specifications in the state of California

    by Hayden Krueger

    In the state of California, each and every one of the auto insurance companies are governed by the California department of auto insurance or CDI. The California department of auto insurance regulates the companies and ensures that they cater to the needs and requirements of customers throughout the great state of California.

    There are many car insurance companies in California that provide safe and reliable service to individuals round the clock. Many companies have in fact started out sourcing their customer service centres to other destinations which ensure that the customer is provided friendly service throughout the day. This is very helpful because there might be situations in which you may need their help in the middle of the night given the fact that it is not possible to predict when and where one might end up in an auto accident. In such cases, you will need to immediately file … Click here to read more

  • Legal Auto insurance requirements in Wisconsin

    by Hayden Krueger

    The state of Wisconsin in the USA is located in the northwest region considered as the Midwest belt. Being the largest state in Milwaukee it’s been home to a lot of different cultures and people. With tourism a big part of its economy it is a state which has a lot of people coming in at all times throughout the year. Like any other state this one also has certain areas of the law which infringe some very stringent rules while others are still more lenient. It is important to know where you stand to be able to deal with any situations you may across while in the state of Wisconsin. With a large number of accidents increasing and a lot of people being found intoxicated almost all states have a limit for blood alcohol content of 0.08%. Wisconsin had a limit of 0.10 % which was under pressure to … Click here to read more

  • Impact of low cost California auto insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    Under recent changes made under the California low cost auto insurance program, the minimum liability limits have been reduced further. This has been done with a view to make auto insurance more affordable at times when people are not sure about whether or not they can retain their jobs over the next month given the prevailing economic situation. Before the change, the minimum coverage for personal injury or death was $15000 per person and $30000 for all the individuals involved in the said accident. And in order to cover for property damages, a minimum of $5000 was required.

    The minimum liability limits under California state law was already very low, but in the year 2009 it was further decreased. Since that year, the state reduced the personal injury liability to $10000 per person injured or dead in the accident. And for the accident as a whole it is $20000 for … Click here to read more

  • Identifying The Factors That Could Influence Your Auto Insurance Premium

    by Hayden Krueger

    Florida has the busiest streets across the United States and expensive auto insurance as well. If you want to know why you are paying that much and one of your friends is not, then this article will show you why.

    There are many factors that will influence the calculation of your insurance rates, the driving record and the vehicle itself to name a few. There are people who drives around with cars with all the safety features installed but the driver records are just outrageous. There are also drivers out there that drives with the most exotic and expensive cars in the planet and yet achieved to maintain a spotless record. Again, there are drivers out there who are in between the spectrum and in all places. Because of the so many variations from the cars to the drivers, auto insurance rates are calculated differently.

    Each insurance company has their … Click here to read more

  • How To Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates In Illinois

    by Hayden Krueger

    Are you in the State of Illinois and wanting to reduce your insurance rates? Amazingly, here are few tips that worked for me and will surely work for you too, to find the best deal of auto insurance in your area. What we are going to discuss here is how to find affordable insurance rates in IL and find that perfect company who can offer the right coverage with the cheapest price.

    In the U.S., each state differs from the other when we talk about auto insurance. Illinois has its own sets of requirements that you need to comply if you want to drive around the state. The State Law mandates that all drivers be required to have a liability auto insurance. This policy takes care of the expenses incurred during the accident by which you are at-fault.

    The minimum liability coverage of IL auto insurance is set to 20/40/50. … Click here to read more

  • How to get cheap auto insurance policies in Wyoming

    by Hayden Krueger

    Wyoming has seen a steep increase in the number of cars in the state over the last decade. This was largely due to the economic boom over the previous decade when people made enough to be able to splurge later. With an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, obviously the number of accidents taking place has also increased. Hence the need for an affordable auto insurance policy has become all the more important.

    Getting an affordable insurance policy is very important because of the fact that insurance costs are a large part of the maintenance and running costs of a car these days. With an increase in the number of auto insurance frauds and also the number of accidents, the cost of insuring your car has also gone up.

    The first thing that you need to realize is that no one company is going to be the … Click here to read more

  • How To Conveniently Buy Auto Insurance In Virginia

    by Hayden Krueger

    Virginia’s State law requires that each drive must have a some sort of insurance coverage to pay off the financial responsibilities. This would mean, that if you drive around VA, you need to have at least a minimum liability coverage or certain proof that you will be able to settle expenses should you involve yourself in an mishap.   This law further restricts drivers to caution from over speeding and other untoward behaviors that could ultimately lead to an accident.

    The financial responsibility extends to three main options.

    It is obligatory that your vehicle must be registered to an authorized insurance company serving the VA area and must have at least the minimum liability coverage.

    The second option would be to pay off $500 to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle for the Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee. In short, you are legally allowed to drive in VA at your own risk … Click here to read more

  • High risk auto insurance in the state of California

    by Hayden Krueger

    There is a class of drivers who are deemed to be high risk individuals under California state laws. If a driver is deemed to be high risk by the California department of motor vehicles, he or she has to get high risk insurance. The next obvious question would be how a person would get such a classification. This sort of classification is reserved for individuals who have multiple traffic infractions, accidents or DUI charges against them. The name of the insurance policy which covers high risk individuals is SR-22 in the state of California.

    The duration for which you need to be covered under this sort of insurance policy is three years. The department of motor vehicles will keep in touch with your insurance provider for the whole period of three years. This is to ensure that you stay insured with that particular insurance policy for the said period.

    In … Click here to read more

  • Getting The Best Auto Insurance In Montana

    by Hayden Krueger

    Montana is a beautiful state and at the same time requires each driver to carry liability insurance at all times.

    Accidents are everywhere and that is why most U.S. States impose stricter laws when it comes to car insurance. Auto insurance protects everyone from the potential monetary losses due to accidents. Car insurances are also widely available for anyone who wants to protect his life and properties, and for the recovery of the said possessions. People are buying all sorts of insurance policies to protect their cars, trucks and other vehicles to evade the hassles. In order to serve the varying needs of the masses, auto insurance companies have created several forms of insurance policies to cater to these needs.

    Each insurance company starts out by asking what the specifics a potential customer is looking for. After which, the results should be evaluated and thorough analysis of the proposals should … Click here to read more