Living In Texas? Understand Your Minimum Insurance Coverage Requirements


Many people love the State of Texas and spent most of their lives there.  Like any state in the U.S., all drivers are also required to get an insurance coverage – at least, the minimum liability coverage.  Of all the types of insurances around, liability auto insurance is considered the most important one.  This particular type of insurance shoulders all the expenses, from medical to property damages, of the fault party.

The State Law of Texas mandates that all drivers must have a sort of protection when accidents do occur.  If you living in Texas or perhaps in another state, it is imperative that you understand the basic of auto insurance in this place and how it will affect your driving life in the future.

Texas auto insurance law requires $20,000 coverage for bodily injury per person, and $40,000 for others incapacitated during the accident.  Bodily injuries refer to the expenses concerning the medication, lost wages and even death.  For property damages, a $15,000 is at stake, which should cover the cost of the repairs from ruined mailboxes, to fences and even to road signs of the other party.

However, there are instance that the expenses could swell and the minimum coverage is not sufficient  enough to cover the said amounts. For instance, a $20,000 bodily injury coverage may not be enough if the accident is too severe which left you into paying the excess amount right from your pocket.

Fortunately, there are ways to solve this potentially heartbreaking situation and that is to purchase additional policies on top of the minimum state requirements. It is only this way that you will be able to guard successfully your assets and hard-earned investments.  With that, let me introduce to you the other policies that you may use to supplement your existing ones.

Personal Injury Protection or PIP. This type of policy is so useful and it does not care who is responsible for the accident. It will shoulder the expenses between you and your passengers’ medical expenditures even if you driving a car that is not yours.

Uninsured Motorist.  There are drivers out there that do not have insurances, and this type of supplementary policy will take care of it. It can also be used to pay for medical expenses. There is also the so called Under Insured Motorist which takes care of paying the damages if the faulty driver’s insurance coverage is not enough to cover the entire cost of the accident.

Collision Auto Insurance. Like the Personal Injury Protection, this type of policy does not care whoever is at fault of the accident; it also focuses on car collisions, hence the name.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance.  If your car is constantly being a target of vandalism, theft or you live in a place where natural phenomenon such as floods, lightning or hail occur,  then you better be equipped with this type of insurance.

Still, there are many options to add to your existing basic insurance policy. You do not need to get all of them but only those you truly need. It is therefore important to understand which type of policies you think will likely help you in the future.