Legal Auto insurance specifications in the state of California


In the state of California, each and every one of the auto insurance companies are governed by the California department of auto insurance or CDI. The California department of auto insurance regulates the companies and ensures that they cater to the needs and requirements of customers throughout the great state of California.

There are many car insurance companies in California that provide safe and reliable service to individuals round the clock. Many companies have in fact started out sourcing their customer service centres to other destinations which ensure that the customer is provided friendly service throughout the day. This is very helpful because there might be situations in which you may need their help in the middle of the night given the fact that it is not possible to predict when and where one might end up in an auto accident. In such cases, you will need to immediately file a complaint with the auto insurance company in order to claim your compensation.

There are a number of factors based on which a person’s reliability is gauged by the auto insurance company in California. Firstly, it depends on your credit history. It also depends on your car, like what make and model you are driving. It also depends on your driving habits. And lastly and most importantly, it depends on the number of traffic infractions that you have committed in California while driving. The more the number of citations that you have, the tougher it will get for you to get a cheap car insurance policy. 

There are a number of famous car insurance companies in California. Many are actually related to auto companies themselves. For example GMAC insurance which is a sister company of general motors’ North America.

GMAC Insurance – this is a company that provides you the following features: 

  • Your car will always be maintained by the auto company’s certified dealer or repair shop and any spares will arrive from the original equipment manufacturer.
  • There is no chance of you being disappointed with the service as their customer care is truly unbeatable.
  • There are immense opportunities for availing discounts from this establishment if you have been a diligent and responsible customer.
  • The rates that are offered by this company are truly unbeatable compared to other competition in the vicinity of the state.

Twenty first century insurance: this is another company which also offers car insurance policies along with motorcycle policies. This company has the reputation of having a renewal rate of almost 93% in the state. Each customer ends up saving almost three hundred dollars per year on car insurance costs. This is a lot of saving when you take into consideration that car insurance rates are a huge part of the cost involved in maintaining a car.  

GEICO car insurance company: this is another insurance company that provides premium customer service to its members. It’s not as large as the other two, but it is renowned for its affinity for luxury brands in the state.

All these car insurance companies are regulated by the California department of auto insurance and hence one can be rest assured that the said companies are trust worthy and reliable. Always go for certified insurance companies even if it costs you a bit more every year.