Legal Auto insurance requirements in Wisconsin


The state of Wisconsin in the USA is located in the northwest region considered as the Midwest belt. Being the largest state in Milwaukee it’s been home to a lot of different cultures and people. With tourism a big part of its economy it is a state which has a lot of people coming in at all times throughout the year. Like any other state this one also has certain areas of the law which infringe some very stringent rules while others are still more lenient. It is important to know where you stand to be able to deal with any situations you may across while in the state of Wisconsin. With a large number of accidents increasing and a lot of people being found intoxicated almost all states have a limit for blood alcohol content of 0.08%. Wisconsin had a limit of 0.10 % which was under pressure to be reduced to 0.08%.

In terms of insurance, no matter how careful a driver you are, there can always be a moment that could cost you pretty badly. It is important for every single person to realize this responsibility and to drive without jeopardizing their well being or that of others when on the roads. Those who are teenagers and between the age of 15 and a half or eighteen can obtain graduated licensing provided they follow certain rules that are in place. The main idea behind these rules is to make sure people stay safe and that parental supervision helps them to be better drivers at the end of the designated time. While teenagers belong to the higher risk category and insurance rates may be higher, there are several competitive rates available. As with any other financial decision a better research will certainly yield more promising results.

All drivers under 18 years of age in the state of Wisconsin are in addition required to have an adult sponsor to be able to get their license. There are a lot of laws in place to make sure things are done with utmost attention and precaution. There should be a signed application approved by a notary or a DMV employee in order to let the person be eligible to receive such a license. The applicant for the license who is under 18 years of age should also have completed drivers education and passed the tests from a state certified and approved school of driving.  There are also specific insurance requirements for various liabilities in the state of Wisconsin.

The minimum liability insurance has to be met with and is seen to be as follows. In case of bodily injury of a single individual or death the minimum insurance amount required is $25,000. $50,000 is required if there is more than one person injured or dead. In case of damage to someone property then the minimum amount required by law to be insured for is $10,000. In certain cases based on the situation this minimum amount may not suffice. Make sure you talk to your insurance agent and determine the correct amount of coverage needed and get it done. A cash deposit of $60,000 can be posted to the state department of transportation in Wisconsin if it has been allowed in certain unique cases. Make sure you have proof of financial responsibility when you are out driving.