Secrets You Need To Know To Buy Cheap Auto Insurance In Virginia


When we talk about auto insurance, we mean paying a hefty price each month for the things we hope will never happen in the first place – that is the security of our life and property as well.

If you own a vehicle, having an auto insurance is one of the required things that you must have. With that, you now have the option to choose what type of insurance policies you want and to want extent you are willing to spend for them. Still, a lot of people do not fall anywhere near this situation and for the many, having best coverage with the lowest impact on their wallets is always appreciated. If you are one of them, then read on because this article was written for the drivers like you.

Did you know that when you drive slowly, you could actually save money? That is right, and not many people know these things. Under your car’s dashboard is an instrument that able to record your driving history. If you have been driving at the right speed and with care, you could be entitled for discounts if the insurance company offers a usage-based insurance.

You could also try to enroll in defensive training classes because many insurance companies see this effort and in return reduce few hundred dollars off your monthly premiums. In fact, most of them give rewards to people who have just completed driving lessons such as young and senior drivers alike. Certain companies are even offering as much as 20% discount on their current rates.

This one is for the drivers out there who have “spotless” driving history. Let us say you are driving for 6 long years and never been charged with speed driving, involved in any accidents or other forms of road violations, can try to ask the insurance company if you are qualified to apply for accident protection coverage.  However, this only applies if you are involved in a minor car accident where your insurance company could waive your first at-fault accident. But just before it happens, just make sure you have already purchased the accident protection endorsement.

Building your insurance history. Did you know that if you have not been into any insurance policy that is under your name, you could be charged with high premiums? What auto insurance companies are looking here is your actual experiences of having been insured. Therefore, if you have rented a car before, even for a day, already counts as an experience, and the “no experience at all” will not affect you that much.

Piggybacking on your employer’s insurance policy.  Most insurance companies offer special discounts and prices for their corporate customers. And most of the time, the rates are way below when you compare them with their regular policyholders. If you are in an organization where these deals exist, try to ask the company’s in-charge to enroll you under this particular account. You can save as much as 30% annually.

Take advantage of comparison-shopping. Women are good in shopping but if you want to save on your insurance premiums, then better start learning it now. Your goal here is to find the insurance company that offers the best coverage with the lowest possible rates. If you are thinking that this is a time-consuming job, then you are wrong. In fact, many online comparison websites exist today and you can use them to accomplish the job easily.

It is the average consumers, like you and me, who understands the need to protect our life and investments.  Why not ask your friends and colleagues before purchasing any auto insurance. After all, you share the same concerns as they do.