Seven More Ways To Uncover For Cheap Auto Insurance in Indiana


If you are living in the State of Indiana or planning to live there, then it is important for you to understand how the auto insurance industry works in that place. Different states have different sets of rules and it pays to know them beforehand.

The first thing you need to ask is whether you are getting the cheapest rates or putting a big dent on your wallet. If what you are experiencing is the latter one, then here are the seven guidelines you can use to find an affordable insurance right away.

Train the teenagers. Auto insurance companies will love you if you purchase insurance for trained drivers. This could axe out a big chunk of discount from your current rates, not to mention if the teenagers have good grades as well. When the semester ends, make sure that you update your data especially if there are changes in courses and trainings that have taken.

Group discounts. When a certain group or organization purchases insurance, they will likely to be awarded with discounts. The group does not have to be fancy and in fact, credit unions, sororities or just a simple group of credit card owners will suffice.  If you and your friends are planning to buy a group insurance, contact the company’s customer service first and discuss your plans. Do not forget to ask other questions if you have one.

Basic coverage wins. If you are paying for the basic coverage in liability, medical, collision or comprehensive then you are entitled for a much lower rates. You can also try to raise your deductibles that could further lower down your comprehensive and collision coverage. If the monthly premiums are still hard to cover, your liability and medical coverage might need some adjustments too.

Install car safety features. There are multitudes of anti-theft and car safety features that can be installed in your car. For instance, you could try to install an anti-car napping device or a GPS monitoring instrument for added safety. No matter what you put in your car that increases its safety level, has a definite effect of lowering down your insurance rates. There are even states that offer discounts for window sketching.

Multiple car discount rates. Did you know that some insurance companies could give you a heavily discounted rate if you purchase policies for multiple cars? And sometimes you could end up getting an insurance for one car absolutely free. If you own two or more car, it is wise to talk to your agent and check with them if they are offering such discounts. Additionally, if you are planning to sell the second car in the future, you can keep it on liability in order to avail of the multiple car discount rates.

Do not throw away yearly policies. A yearly policy will always provide big discounts in your insurance rates as compared to a six-month policy. But remember that you cannot make any changes within the said period.

The comprehensive storage coverage. If you are planning of not using your car for a long time, it best to drop all the existing policies except the comprehensive coverage. Since your car will be stored in a safe place, it is highly unlikely that it will encounter a collision or would need a liability coverage for that matter.