What lessons should my son learn, being a new car owner?


Being a rookie on the road, usually teens take it as a crazy ride to learning. Learning from mistakes is good, but what is better is to avoid the mistakes by learning before driving. Car insurance premiums are high for these kids because they are more prone to accidents than any other age group. Rather than something that the teen has to bear, why not make it a bonding experience to make? There are rules to follow on the road, and any parent can teach attitude while on the road to avoid recklessness.

There is no rule but safety.

1. The mechanics of driving

Driving is easy to learn, especially for excited college freshmen with cars as high school graduation gifts. Driving is not the only thing to learn as a car owner. Aside from knowing how to steer the wheel, teen and college students must learn how a car operates inside the metal skin. Gradually, the driver must be able to understand the functions of the car parts and know how to fix, or at least know what the problem is, when it malfunctions in the middle of the road.

2. Seatbelts, drunk driving and mobile phone using.

In America alone, a whopping number of people get crashed because they forget or neglect to wear seatbelts. Teach about forgetting about the ‘cool attitude without the seatbelt.’ Instead, educate your son/daughter to have every passenger with seatbelt before driving. Getting drunk is never in the plan when attending parties but somehow; they always end up that way. It is important not to get drunk, especially when driving home alone.

On the other hand, the use of mobile phone while driving is just as unforgivable as drunk driving. Not only are you getting yourself in danger, but you are also getting other people in danger. Usually, the worst happens not to the reckless driver but to the person on the car wrecked by the teen driver. What if the kid does not have insurance? Not only will you pay for the car and medical needs of your son, but also you will pay for the damages of the other party injured.

3. Games on the road.

Driving may look as easy as Need for Speed™, but it’s not. Unlike your favorite race game, driving is not, just as life is not. If you care for your life, one should never race on the road nor give in to on the spot race challenges by people you don’t know.

One should know about hand and road signals, to keep a clean drive.

Teach what is right and not what is cool–to be with the law and not against it.