Do I Have to Pay High Premiums for Auto Insurance Just Because I am a Teen or a College Student?


No necessarily. Now owning a car or any kind of vehicle even before getting employed is considered a fad among the youth in United States. The numbers of people who drive cars to school and colleges has seen an uptrend in the last few decades. As the risks of mishap are high for this group of people, the cost of insurance is at par with it. Though the cost is high, you can be assured to get an economical rate as the competition among the players in auto insurance industry is fierce.

All you need to do is spend some time to research and find the perfect auto coverage that serves your needs best. You could start by getting quotes from the different service providers and comparing them. While doing so, remember to mention the correct car model, condition, the coverage you are looking for to ensure you get accurate rates. If you do not provide the right details, there is no point in doing this exercise because you will end up getting varied quotes from different companies.  It is in your best interest that you familiarize with the subject of insurance and how it works.

Most companies offer a discounted rate for students with good grades as they are considered responsible drivers. A GPA of 3.0 or above will get you a good discount though it does not guarantee cheap rates. It is advisable to install your car with safety features like air bags, anti theft lock, etc before you apply because, security features installed is likely to get you a better rate.

A compromise on the model of the car also helps, cheap car; cheap rate and vice versa. So use a car that is cheap and decent during these days till you turn 25 to drive expensive ones. The premium is likely to decrease in the consecutive years when you have an impeccable driving record. The next way to reduce the rates would be to do a comparison window shopping every couple of years with competitors and switch when you find a better rate. This depends on your driving record, vehicle condition and usage. While doing so, you can ask your current insurer to meet the offer rate if not, you can switch to the new insurer.

This is a time consuming process but, it will help you save hundreds of dollars which you can use for your books or projects.