Can students claim for insurance for car damages?


Yes, Absolutely! Students can claim for their car damages; but, only if you have insured your car with a proper insurance policy.   Student Car Insurance today is not a choice anymore, it’s a necessity.  Damages by way of accidents, personal injuries, or even thefts may hit you badly when you do not have a permanent income.  Claiming for such untimely expenses is possible if you have insured with student car insurance policy.

The unexpected expenses caused may be personal injury, accidents, thefts or third party liabilities.  Today, a number of insurance companies cover all such incidents under their vehicle insurance.  However, selecting the right insurance provides you protection against any sort of accidents or mishaps and also it becomes a good investment rather than a misuse of money.  On signing up for student car insurance, the company agrees to pay compensation for any damages or loss incurred.  This insurance also has a “maturity period” which is a certain amount of time when car actually does not face any damages.  On arrival of the maturity period, a part of the paid insurance money is returned to you.

In order that a student acquire insurance and start driving there are certain laws and limitations in the United States.  The highest numbers of accidents are caused by teenagers and those under the age of 18; therefore, driving without any type of insurance can be risky.  Since they have less driving experience and the possibility of damages are higher than adults, the premiums of the car insurance remain higher until 25 or 27 years of age.  Many factors like school grades, vehicle specifications, traffic violations and criminal records are considered before deciding on the premium.

Now, under what circumstances does the company provide you coverage?

  • Personal Injuries – Sometimes, accidents can cause serious personal injuries as well.  Therefore, in cases of road accidents, the student may require urgent medical attention and quick compensation which is included in most insurance covers.
  • Accidents – Irrespective of the car type and its model, the damage repair expenses of your car may be out of reach.  Most vehicle insurance providers offer adequate compensation to prevent affecting student’s academic dedication and lifestyle.
  • Liabilities – This caters to situations wherein the student’s car damages another individual or his property.  The third party liability clause of the policy takes care of the legal implications involved and allows a student to concentrate on his academics.
  • Thefts – Sometimes acting irresponsibly and immaturely may result in a student’s car being stolen.  There are a number of clauses and conditions within student car insurance policies which can return the money invested in case of a lost car.

Students with excellent school records prove their disciplined nature, civic sense and responsibilities which in turn gather discounts from the insurance companies.  In order to acquire these discounts on insurance premiums, a healthy personal record and a good driving record is quintessential until you complete your graduation.