What can I do to lower my premium rates?


You may think that the solutions may mean having to take more legal steps or more difficult ways but there are really simpler ways in which you may reduce you premium costs.

  • Get a more reliable/’cleaner’ driving record – you may do this by avoiding accidents as much as possible and also enrolling in driving lessons or schools that offer defensive driving techniques. Or better yet, you may opt to enroll in your insurance company’s driving school to pass their safe driving qualifications.
  • Get a less expensive or ‘safer’ car – having a more expensive car to thrash in accidents or theft will mean bigger expenses for your insurance company. So if you have less expensive car with less expensive parts and services for your insurance company to take care of, it will be better for the both of you; having you getting more advantage of it in the end.

                Also, a lower-risk car can cut the risk factor. Have your car checked and repaired if and when      needed to reduce the risk factor and ultimately, your premium costs.

  • Use your car less – having a lower mileage like 70,000 miles or less a year can significantly reduce your premium rate. A lower mileage will translate to lesser use which will in turn mean lesser risks for your insurance company to worry about. Be an occasional driver or a frequent commuter if you have good transportation means around.
  • Get consistent high grades – come insurance companies offer lower rates for clients/students who get constant A’s or B’s in their grades. Who said good academic standing won’t help you in your immediate needs?
  • Use your parents’ insurance – you can still insure your car and use it if you have it registered through your parents. This will fall under family policy and will have lower rates since it is registered to ‘older-age-grouped’ drivers.