Students Car Insurance Discounts


Parents can actually save money on their teenage kids’ car in insurance. Knowing, and being aware of the insurance rules and policies will enable you to obtain lower rates. Planning is an effective method in finding companies with low rates.

There are several factors, which can assist in determining your teen’s best car insurance rate. Two of the main factors are the person to be insured and the type of vehicle. One of the several ways in lowering the premium is through a student’s discount.

Generally, insurance companies offer low rates to teenage drivers whom have completed a driving education course. These courses however, do cost money, but you will realize how much savings you can enjoy in the long run. Attending driving education for a high school elective is more affordable than taking such lesson privately.

A fifteen percent discount is given to teenage drivers with an average of B or 3.0 GPA performance results. Depending on the insurance provider, a high school and or a college student driver can be qualified, having a good GPA score.

If you are considering taking collision insurance for an older model car, which has already been fully paid, this may not be a good idea. The cost of the collision insurance when comparing the older to the newer car will be approximately the same .One saves money by not opting for collision insurance.

Cars with high rating, in terms of horsepower, will cost a higher premium. If your objective is having lower premiums then choose a car that best suits your needs.

Burglary and theft is an important factor, check the rate of car theft in the area. Cars, which are prone to car theft, will also cost you higher premium. The National Insurance Crime Bureau on commonly stolen cars will provide in-depth information.

There are other ways on how a parent can save for the child’s car insurance and it is just a matter of doing your homework. With a good research, one’s effort will be rewarded with the lowest yet efficient car insurance.