Is there a way to cut the premium on a college student?


There are more than one possible ways to cut the costs on your high premiums. It is not fresh news that premiums are high when it comes to teenagers and college students. In a range of ages, car insurance companies report that the younger the driver, the higher risk is involved. There are a lot of factors that can prove this true. Driving without seatbelt, while on the phone and drunken are a few possible causes. One thing to know is that, you can lessen the burden of paying an instant $2500 by a few simple ways.

1. Ask your parents to let you stay on their insurance

Opting to let the student on the insurance cover of their parents is one way to lessen the burden on the student. Already under pressure in school, the parent may choose to do this and let the student give more time to academic endeavors than the part time job he has. College students are indeed students on their way to freedom, and this will help them give more time to much more important things to be done. The premium to be paid by the parents may be higher once the teen starts to reach driving age, but it’s still much lower compared to giving him/ her a separate insurance.

2. A-graders get discounts

Not many know it, but usually, car insurance companies give up to 15% discount on students who top class. Reports say that they are unlikely to get into accidents while on the road. Because of the characteristic of being responsible enough to think about their decisions before taking action is one of the reasons. B students count too, so do good and keep up the grades!

3. Get cheaper cars with cheaper gadgets installed.

Sports cars look good, don’t they? 2-door cars and sporty cars are most likely to have higher premiums than 4-door cars. This is because sports cars (even just sporty looking cars count!) have a greater chance to be driven by teens who like the adrenaline rush on the road. One can cut the cost of premiums by getting a cheaper car with less or cheaper gadgets installed because these also add up on the cost.

One can do much more to cut the cost. There is no getting away from high premiums because you may be a teen for a couple more years. Unless, you don’t follow one or two of these and much more tips, you may just have to lose the car and sell it instead. Unless you can pay for everything, having a car is not an option.